Title: Falling
Author: twighlightr
Summary: The start of my A-Z so 6/26.
Series: 1) Awakening, 2) Broken, 3) Craving, 4) Desperation
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(


His feathers are scattered around his forms feet, his grace fights to stay within him, he pulls and twists at it until in frustration he screams. It breaks the wonderful harmonies made by his brothers, he weeps as his true form comes undone, he's only felt pain through Dean but this is excruciating, it tears him slowly apart.

His grace shimmers amongst his feathers as throws himself backwards towards the Earth.

His eyes open and Uriel's face comes into view, '˜You've come to kill me already', his sides are killing him, he coughs.

'˜Not quite although all things considered it would be the kinder thing to do', Uriel says and walks out of sight, Castiel groans as a light is turned on. '˜You in your vessel so we can watch you closely'.

'˜We or you?', Castiel gasps.

'˜Me, but Father will be watching you also', Uriel sighs and Castiel can sense all the questions he wants to ask but knows he won't understand Castiel's reasons. '˜Here', Uriel throws a blue pendant at his chest, his grace.

'˜I don't think I deserve to keep it', Castiel closes his eyes, thinks of Dean. He waits for Uriel to smite him, threaten him but there is just an awkward silence.

'˜Should you need to return home', Uriel says and when Castiel opens his eyes again he is gone.


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