Title: Guilt
Author: twighlightr
Summary: The start of my A-Z so 7/26.
Series: 1) Awakening, 2) Broken, 3) Craving, 4) Desperation, 5) Envy, 6) Falling
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(


He dreams for the first time, he is on a battle field with his brothers around him dying and he can't help them as one by one they fall, then Father's light illuminates the field and only he stands alone.

Castiel wakes and for the first time he feels guilt, his chest aches and his breathing is laboured. Tears sting his eyes but he focuses on Dean, Dean has seen and experienced much worse. He must be strong, if not for himself, then for Dean.

He winces as he walks around his vessels home, his home. His ribs still burn when he breathes in too sharply and they make him gasp if he twists the wrong way, for the first time he has to focus on how he moves.

He sits at his desk, in front of the computer, his work colleague David has dropped off accounts for him to work through. Castiel is grateful that his vessels mind remembers how to do the tables, remembers how to use the computer because the machine baffles him.

He turns on the lamp, opens the drawer and finds himself staring at The Bible, he tries to focus on words that were once second nature to him but they now evade him, he opens the book and prays to God. The ache in his chest lessens slightly.


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