Title: Hand Print
Author: twighlightr
Summary: The start of my A-Z so 8/26.
Series: 1) Awakening, 2) Broken, 3) Craving, 4) Desperation, 5) Envy, 6) Falling, 7) Guilt
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(


It's days later when he wakes with a start, the clock on the night stand tells him the date and time but in his stupor they mean nothing to him, his grace burns through the pendent he can sometimes hear it humming quietly but tonight it is drowned out by the soft patter of rain.

His right hand tingles pins and needles shooting through his arm, he is sure this is a cruel form of punishment he must endure. His hand misses Dean's skin, his body misses being close to him, his scent and warmth. He's even starting to miss Dean's snarky comments, not that he would be willing to admit that to the elder Winchester.

He focuses on the few memories he has of Dean, they seem to be fading since he fell he can't remember their conversations properly, or how Dean's voice sounded, his smile or even the intense color of his eyes. His head begins to pound as he concentrates on his favorite memory where Dean first called him ,Cas, he closes his eyes in frustration the memory no longer willing to replay.

'There's a field five minutes to the South of here, you're needed', Castiel sits upright, his heart hammering so hard he fears it may break through his rib cage.

'Right I'll get dressed then', Castiel says watching Uriel's eyebrows rise, he pulls the top sheet over his bare chest suddenly embarrassed under Uriel's scrutinizing stare. He looks to the door quickly but when he turns to ask Uriel if he could help him find Dean his friend is already gone.

He slips into well worn jeans and pulls an old tee on over his pendent, it's still warm outside so he leaves his jacket on the stand and puts on his boots. Outside there is no breeze but the warm rain on his skin is bliss, he should be wearing a jacket but he likes the feeling of the light tap of water on his flesh after being engulfed by the trench coat for so long.

On the walk he thinks of the accounts he has to do in the morning, he shakes his right hand out, the pins and needles returning. His eyes adjust slowly to the dark but he can see no one in the park.

He feels eyes upon him he turns to see a man is sitting on the fence staring at him, his heart stops, the hunter moves towards him.

'Cas', his eyes sting as Dean pulls him into a fierce hug, Castiel kisses the side of Dean's face, his left hand finding it's imprint.

Then Dean has him in a headlock, 'Where's your weapon? What if I was a demon I could have kidnapped you or killed you'.

Castiel laughs at the elder Winchester's protectiveness. The hunter lets him go scowling and Castiel wraps his arms around him again, Dean tenses for an instant before relaxing into it.

'I've missed you', Castiel whispers. Dean responds by pulling him closer, his hands grasping in the damp fabric, Castiel feels a deep ache in his chest, his grace vibrating between their chests emits a low ring that makes his pulse race.

He turns his head towards Dean's, he likes the feeling of Dean's rough stubble against his lips. Castiel feels Dean step back, away from him.

He coughs, his hands holding Castiel at arms length, Castiel watches the hunter blush, embarrassed by the overt display.

'Let me guess no chick-flick moments', Castiel says.

'Something like that', Dean replies smiling.


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