Title: Ice to Zzz
Author: twighlightr
Summary: So 9/26 to 26/26.
Series: 1) Awakening, 2) Broken, 3) Craving, 4) Desperation, 5) Envy, 6) Falling, 7) Guilt, 8) Hand Print
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(



'Here', Dean says placing the bag of ice on Castiel's head, 'Sorry about that'. Castiel tries to nod his head and winces, the dull ache turning into a sharp stab. He holds the bag in place his body protesting as he tries to move. Dean takes his left hand in his own rubbing ice cubes over his knuckles slowly, the ice melting forming small rivulets that drip down his fingers, Castiel tries not to moan it feels so good.

'Maybe I worked you too hard today', Dean says, his fingers faltering.

'Maybe?', Castiel groans trying to sound angry and failing miserably. Dean watches him, his left eye looking puffy and sore, Castiel isn't sure if he should feel as proud as he does about flooring the elder Winchester .

'Well you have a mean left hook, I just wasn't expecting you to be able to fight', Dean replies.

'I think you have clearly forgotten I was a warrior of God', Castiel says pulling his hand away from Dean.

'Yeah I knew but I thought you might have to learn how to fight like a human, since you can't use your angel mojo anymore', Dean replies his tone strained. Castiel knows Dean, knows that this is Dean trying to say I want to keep you safe, I want you to know how to fight so if something happens you can deal with it, if I'm not there. I don't want to see you get hurt and I don't want you to leave me like everyone else.

Castiel knows so he bites his tongue and takes Dean's hand in his own throbbing one, giving it a squeeze. 'Thank you', Castiel says earnestly and bites back another moan as Dean puts fresh ice on his hand.


Castiel clenches and unclenches his fists watching Dean flirt with the young women at the gas station. He feels uneasy about the irrational thoughts running through his mind like a speeding train. Like how he should beep the Impalla's horn until Dean returns or how he could pretend to drive the Impalla. He gazes at the steering wheel and the foot pedals, he has watched Dean drive, surely it could not be that hard.

He glances at Dean, who gives him a questioning stare back. Castiel smiles at him as he slides across his seat into the drivers side, the keys still in the dash.

'Don't even think about it!', Dean shouts in his ear, panting slightly. He slides into the car pushing Castiel back into the passengers side, glaring at him the whole time.

'What did he try to do to you baby?', the elder Winchester says caressing the dash.

'Baby?', Castiel smirks as he tries to keep the laughter bubbling up inside of him contained.

'Yeah she's my baby, bitch', Dean replies and Castiel has the sudden urge to wipe the smile of Dean's face.

'I am not your bitch, Dean', he replies through clenched teeth, Dean smirks at him, his eyes glittering.

'Are you jealous of my car, Cas? Would you like me to call you baby?', Dean asks his grin growing bigger and bigger.

'I am not jealous of your car', Castiel huffs, the last of his patience evaporating.

'Oh baby', Dean says mockingly, rubbing his hand up Castiel's arm.

'Just drive', Castiel strains to keep his tone civil as Dean laughs at him.

'Whatever you want baby', Dean replies starting the engine.


Castiel wakes up to Dean's phone vibrating on the night stand, he opens it.

'Hello?', he asks rubbing his eyes.

He can hear someone breathing on the other end, 'Hello?', he repeats his voice a little louder.

'Is Dean there?', the voice is rough and low but he recognizes the younger Winchester.

'I'll just get him', he replies. Knocks on the bathroom door sheepishly.

'What is it?', Dean shouts.

'It's Sam', Castiel answers covering the speaker on the phone. The door springs open, Dean avoiding his eyes as he grabs the phone and slams the door again.

He sits on the bed again, feigning sleep, pretending not to here Dean's voice rising and failing not to notice how hurt he sounds. Castiel had only asked about Sam once and Dean asked him not to bring it up again, saying he could sort it out and it was nothing really. He was lying but Castiel didn't want to push the subject.

He hears the door opening, soft footsteps, the thud of the phone being put back on the night stand. He opens his eyes to look at Dean, his eyes look so lost, his pupils blown wide and when he tries to smile at Castiel he chokes, his eyes filling up.

Castiel stands and pulls the elder Winchester into his arms, holding him as tightly as he can to his chest till his grace burns between them. Dean's hands grasp at his face, his lips fiercely pressing against Castiel's, his tears falling down both their faces.

As quickly as the kiss started it ends, Dean smiling at him, wiping his tears from Castiel's cheeks and his own. Castiel stares into Dean's eyes, leaning forward to kiss him again but Dean turns his head away.

'We better turn in, we got a long day ahead of us', he says before disentangling himself from Castiel and falling onto the opposite bed.

Castiel sighs, 'Sam will come round one day, he is your brother and he loves you'. There is no reply as Castiel turns into his own bed.


When Castiel opens the door, Dean looks so relieved like he's never seen him in years.

'What is wrong?', he asks quietly looking at Dean's bags on the bed, packed. 'Are we leaving?'

Dean runs a hand through his hair, looking at the floor. 'Nothings wrong I just thought we could get a head start on the next case.' Castiel knows the elder Winchester is lying to him simply because Dean can not meet his own gaze. He closes the door and puts Dean's breakfast on the small table.

'I brought breakfast', Castiel says simply and sits on his bed, hoping to avoid Dean's touch at all costs, ever since they had kissed their living situation has become exceedingly awkward. Castiel tried not to think about it, Dean is interested in his vessel he knows this but Dean refuses to let him in throwing up as many walls as he can to keep him out and ignoring that one moment to the point that sometimes Castiel doubted it had ever happened.

'I was thinking maybe on the next case you might want to come with me?', Dean is almost stumbling over his words he's trying to get them out so fast. 'I know you still do your accounts so you might not have the time but two heads are always better than one.'

'That would be great', Castiel replies finding it hard to feign any enthusiasm.


'Yeah', Castiel says and pulls his own bag out from under the bed. He packs up all his belongings while Dean eats neither of them talking, he can feel Dean's eyes burning into his back but ignores it.

'Are you ok?', he can hear the doubt in Dean's voice, knows the hunter is doubting himself and the offer he just made, thinks Castiel is uninterested.

'Are you trying to replace your brother ?', Castiel hates himself for asking the question the minute it leaves his lips and is glad he can't see Dean's face at this moment in time.

Dean spins him round and Castiel braces himself for the blow. 'Is that what you think? That you can replace my brother. You are nothing compared to him', Dean rages his hands clasping Castiel's throat gently pressing, one thumb tracing over his Adam's apple as he swallows. Castiel reaches out for his mark, the hand print faintly calling to him, the other caresses Dean's face lightly holding it in place as he leans forward.

'Don't', Dean pleads though he makes no movement to get away as his eyes waver between Castiel's lips and eyes. Castiel ignores the needy voices in his head that want to kiss Dean senseless and pulls him into an embrace, Dean holds onto him for grim life and Castiel is reminded slightly of the burning soul that was once in his arms.

'He said he was going for a walk but he never came back. I though they had got him or you guys had got him, I was going crazy and then he called me up days later and said he wasn't coming back, that I shouldn't try and follow him.' Dean's voice faltered and Castiel's hold on him tightens instinctively.

'I thought you had left too, you had got sick of me and left', Dean holds him tighter still and Castiel feels like they have suddenly become one person that could never be separated.

'I would never leave you', Castiel says quietly and feels Dean softly kiss the side of his throat. Castiel kisses the side of his head in return, his hand clasping his mark more firmly almost feeling the relief washing over Dean.


Castiel remains as still as he can as the needle pulls through his skin, Dean's hands steady on his bare flesh, his blood trickling down his ribs.

'I told you to duck', Dean says as Castiel whimpers slightly as he pulls at the needle again. 'Drink up', his voice is softer than before as he hands Castiel the whiskey. He gulps it down, choking on it's bitter sweetness.

'Close your eyes', Dean commands his hands so sure as he tugs the needle through again. Castiel keeps them firmly shut as Dean works on him, he can feel the heat of the hunters body seeping through into him, his breath ghosting over Castiel's bare chest which causes him to shiver slightly. The pain is bearable, in all honesty he can't feel much from the wound so he focuses on Dean's hands on his body.

'You know this reminds me of the first time I got stitched up. It was a small case just a poltergeist but I managed to get my back sliced up and my Dad had to stitch it. It was agony but it was the first time I drank alcohol which I thought was fantastic until I woke up the next day', Dean laughter fills his ears, Castiel decides he loves the sound. 'Of course all my scars are gone now'.

'But your memories are not', Castiel winces as Dean pulls the needle sharply.

'Yeah and I still have one scar left', Dean says his tone unreadable, Castiel opens his eyes to look at him.

'Yes you do', he replies. Dean cuts the needle off, his hands grazing down Castiel's stomach.

'You should go wash up', Dean says before drinking some of the whiskey.

'You'll regret that in the morning', Castiel smirks as he walks to the bathroom.

'But I won't regret it tonight', Dean states before drinking more.


'Mmm', Castiel watches as Dean pushes more into his mouth, the noises he's making are wracking Castiel causing him to blush and his pulse to race. He is aware of his grace humming loudly in unison.

'This is the best pie I have ever tasted. I would kill for more', Dean says relaxing back into his seat his knees bumping into Castiel's in the small booth. 'You haven't touched your pie, eat up it's fantastic', Dean prompts him his knees jiggling against Castiel's in excitement.

'You can have it', Castiel says pushing it across the table.

'No you have it', Dean's fingers are touching his as he pushes the plate back towards him.

'Why don't we share it?', Castiel asks his voice shaking slightly. Dean looks at him then at the pie then back again.

'But that's something chicks do', he whispers looking around the diner. Castiel looks at the remaining three customers, all are distracted by their food.

'I think we could do it just this once', Castiel smirks and Dean smiles back at him.


Castiel's in the room by himself when there's knock which completely throws him, Dean's doing laundry and he knows he took a key. He opens the door and Dean stares sheepishly back at him.

'Where's your key?', Castiel asks.

'I lost it', Dean replies while sliding past him and closing the door. Castiel knows something is wrong because Dean doesn't smell like Dean, this person smells like lilacs, myrrh and that metallic tang that can only be blood. It's heady scent makes his body feel heavy and thick.

'Is the laundry still in the dryer?', Castiel asks as it stands closer to him, backing him into the wall.

'It's still got fifteen minutes', it whispers, leaning in and smelling his hair. Castiel feels his legs go weak as he smells it's scent again, he tries to look around the room to see where their weapons are.

'Do you want me to go and wait for it?', Castiel says while trying to move away from it, towards the bed and nearer the pillow where Dean keeps his knife.

'No', it says while slamming him into the wall, 'I could think of better things to do for fifteen minutes'. it's lips are harsh and desperate, it's hands grabbing and pulling at Castiel's clothes, it's tongue seeking entrance into Castiel's mouth. His eyes feel heavy as he tries to push it away, trying to turn his face to stop it kissing him. It laughs it's breath tickling Castiel's neck as it kisses at the skin just below his ear.

'I don't feel well', Castiel groans as it nibbles at his ear lobe. Castiel moans as the person that looks like Dean grinds against him while pulling his hair.

'Do us both a favour and don't speak', it whispers, the voice foreign, feminine, husky. He tries to open his eyes as it undoes his zipper.

'Get the fuck away from him!', Dean shouts and the fake Dean growls, it's eyes turning scarlet.

'You're spoiling my fun', fake Dean smirks, 'You could always join in. I'd let you fuck him anyway you want.'

He hears the explosion before he knows what has happened, blood splatters the wall and his clothes, his hands are shaking as Dean kicks his fake self, checking they are dead.

'Did you come?', he shouts and Castiel shakes his head. Dean drops his gun on the bed, 'I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?'.

'I could have handled it', Castiel says his voice rising, Dean glares at him.

'Did you even realise that was a succubi?', Dean shouts his hands jabbing at the air wildly.

'I knew it wasn't you', Castiel replies feeling ashamed, he can still feel those hands all over him.

'Just get changed quickly. Throw those clothes away, I'm not doing anymore laundry. I'll get rid of the body', Dean sighs trying not to look at Castiel.

'I'm sorry', Castiel whispers.

'Just', Dean sounds exhausted all of a sudden as he looks at the body that looks like him still, though it's smoking, changing. He looks back at Castiel, 'Get changed, Cas'.


They're kissing, Dean's on his back, his legs wrapping around Castiel's hips pulling and forcing him down until their crotches are grinding together. He's panting already, his gasps filling Dean's mouth which the elder Winchester smirks at.

'I want you to fuck me, I need to feel you inside me, Cas', Dean's tone is so desperate, his legs tightening so their rubbing against each other once more.

'What were you dreaming about?', Castiel shoots up, grabbing the knife from under his pillow.

Uriel looks at him, his smile resembling a Cheshire cats.

'What are you doing here?', Castiel asks trying to keep his breathing even as his cheeks turn flame red, his pulse racing.

'Just checking up on you? Seeing if your fitting in?', Uriels eyes crinkle in disgust as he looks over the elder Winchester in the other bed, his tone is dry and makes the hair on Castiel's arms stand on end.

'I have been fitting in well. Dean has been helping me', Uriel scoffs at his words making him feel more than a little uncomfortable.

'The mud monkey has been putting you in unnecessary danger', Uriel replies his arms crossing, chest puffing out in anger.

'Dean looks out for me, he makes sure I am safe', Castiel says watching the prone figure sleeping on the other bed.

Uriel glares at him slightly, 'I make sure you are safe, one day he will let you down. I will not', his words are firm but offer Castiel no reassurance. He doesn't want Uriel watching Dean waiting for him to slip up so he can rub it in that he was right, that Castiel had put his trust in the wrong person.

He is silent, unsure of what he should say to his former brother. He looks at the wall and then slowly back at Uriel hoping he will leave but he doesn't.

'Thank you', Castiel sighs and Uriel smiles at him, his eyes glittering. He hears the flapping of wings which signal Uriel's exit and lies back down, he watches the Sun slowly rise his eyes weary for sleep but the uneasy feeling in his stomach and the tightness in his heart keep him awake, a prisoner of reality.


Dean's hand bats his own out of the way when he tries to change the radio channel , he feels the touched skin tingle.

'It's Reo Speedwagon', Dean offers the information as if it is an explanation.

'It reminds you of someone', Castiel replies as Dean hums it. Castiel stares at the side of his face watching the hunters eyes.

'Yeah, it does', Dean says, coughing slightly before he turns the dial until there was silence. 'Do we need to talk?', Dean asks his voice suddenly very small.

'About what?', Castiel says looking at the window, trying not to look at the hunter.

'Us', Dean replies his eyes boring into Castiel. He can feel his chest getting tighter as if he can't breathe properly, his body paralysed.

'There is no us', Castiel says he can feel himself sinking as is he is in quick sand. He expects Dean to argue, it would make him feel a bit better if he at least shouted, tried to fight for a them that never really existed because they both push each other away without meaning to.

Dean turns the radio on loud then louder as they drive, so there is no way they can converse any more.


Robert hugs Dean, then pulls Castiel in for a hug, crushing his ribs and making Castiel laugh. When they have dinner, Robert chats to both of them but Castiel and Dean don't speak to each other, they avoid each others gaze and Castiel can feel Robert looking at both of them.

'Did you two have a fight?', Robert says his voice higher than usual as if he's going to tell them how stupid they both are being.

'Bobby', Dean exclaims, his tone making clear that he doesn't want to talk about this.

'May I be excused?', Castiel asks he can see Robert nodding out of the corner of his eye and heads for his small room, it was nice to be alone, to have some breathing space that doesn't smell like Dean. He knows he is being rude and should go downstairs and help with the washing up but being close to Dean, touching Dean by accident after their communication break down was beyond what Castiel could handle.

He can hear Dean and Robert's voices getting louder down stairs and tries his best to ignore it. Looks in the mirror which is full length, he can see his wrinkles and the creases in his tee because they don't iron their clothes just put them in the dryer and put them on. He pulls the tee off because the fabric smells faintly of Dean and the Impalla. His grace is glowing, shimmering it lies at his heart, when Dean's close he can feel it hum because it's near Dean's soul, it makes his pulse race, his skin becoming sensitive, tingling where Dean touches him. He takes it off placing it on a small cabinet, he hasn't taken it off since he received it from Uriel.

He breathes in deeply feeling lighter, he looks at his scar that Dean stitched up wishing he could make it go away. He runs his thumb over the red line, it looks so angry against his pale skin.

'Cas?', he looks at Dean in the mirror wondering how long he's been standing there watching him.

'What?', Castiel replies roughly, trying to stay mad at Dean because normally he can't stay mad at the elder Winchester because he makes him laugh, smile, makes Castiel feel alive.

'I want to talk', Dean sounds nervous as he walks into the room, closing the door.

'About what?', Castiel asks, refusing to turn around.

'I want you to listen to what I have to say', he says scratching his head, coming closer so Castiel can feel his body heat against his back. 'I'm not really good with this whole talking about emotion crap, I mean I'm not good at talking about this kind of thing. I just expect people to know how I feel about them', he pauses Castiel looks into his eyes through the mirror. 'It doesn't help that you're a guy', Castiel glares at him. 'I mean all the men I've known are family or are like family so I've not had to have lovey-dovey conversations with them.'

'Dean where are you going with this?', Castiel asks.

'I'm trying to tell you I have feelings for you', Dean whispers his eyes looking at his chest.

'By insulting me', Castiel says. 'It's hard for you to talk to me about emotions because I'm a man like you and this would be easier if I was a female'.

'That's not what I meant. You know it's hard for me to talk about shit like this. You know me', Dean shouts at him trying to turn him around but Castiel pulls away, putting as much space as he can between them in such a small room.

'Talk about this shit? You try to tell me you have feelings for me and then compare it to shit', Castiel can feel the anger in him rising.

'Cas, you're overreacting,' Dean states his fists shaking slightly, 'I love you'.

'Just get out', Castiel says, hearing Dean say those words, so harsh as if it were some sort of insult made his heart sink, he wished he were wearing his grace at least the small hum of Dean being close would have made this blow less painful.

'You know this is really hard for me because you're an ex-angel. At first I kept thinking I can't touch you because they'll send me back to hell and I didn't know what they would do with you', Dean comes closer, puts his hands on Castiel's bare chest.

'Touch?', Castiel can't bear to look at him. 'You don't love me ,Dean, you just want to fuck me', the words hurt so much as he says them. The hands leave his flesh and the skin tingles. He hears the door slam before he realises Dean has left.


He walks downstairs feeling awkward when he turns into the kitchen and walks straight into Sam.

'Sorry', Castiel says walking around him to sit at the empty table, 'Where is everyone?'

'Went for supplies', Sam replies.

'Are you staying long?', Castiel asks picking up today's paper and reading the headlines.

'I don't know are you?', Sam sits opposite him, his legs bumping into Castiel's.

'Not sure. Is Ruby with you?', Castiel asks and Sam laughs at him, his eyes darting from Castiel's eyes to his grace.

'Nope', Sam replies, 'You know you have a damn cheek wearing that around your neck'.

'It's my grace. My brother's wanted me to keep it', Castiel says his voice strained as he tucks his grace under his tee, it buzzes next to his skin.

'So you get the best of both worlds. You get to be human, fuck my brother around and then when it suits you, you'll return to them', Sam leans forward and Castiel has the sudden urge to punch him.

'You have no say in the matter, Samuel', Castiel stands and begins to walk away when Sam grabs his arm.

'He's my brother if you hurt him', Sam starts but Castiel cuts him off.

'You left. You made him feel useless, pathetic. You made him think you had got sick of him. I love your brother and I am not going to leave him', Castiel says punctuating the word love. He pulls free from the younger Winchester, storming upstairs.


It's the dead of night when he sneaks into Dean's room, knowing that Robert will know he is doing this but it will hopefully be worth the embarrassment. He shakes Dean's shoulders surprised that he is able to get this close to the hunter without being stabbed by accident.

'Cas?', Dean whispers, they haven't spoken since they argued and Castiel realises how much he has missed Dean's scent and voice.

'I love you', Castiel whispers, his hand touching Dean's cheek as he kisses the hunters lips, Dean grabs his back pulling him closer, moaning.

Dean pulls away from him, breaking the kiss, he pulls the covers back. 'I'm not complaining but I need some sleep before we drive tomorrow, so if you trust me enough not to jump you while your sleeping then you could stay here?'

Castiel slips in beside him and begins to kiss him again, his hands roaming Dean's body and the elder Winchester groans.

'I'm not going to get any sleep, am I?', he asks before rolling on top of Castiel.

'No', Castiel answers, 'but you could always let me drive tomorrow?'

Dean laughs at that and then they are kissing again, slowly. Castiel opens his legs so Dean can grind against him, he loves that gasps that come from Dean small pants that beg for more as they try and stay quiet.

'I love you, Cas', Dean whimpers in his ear and Castiel clamps his lips over Dean's to stop him talking again.


'Sam's using his powers again', Uriel says and Castiel knows he is dreaming because he is dressed in his old trench coat.

'I know', Castiel replies.

'We are going to go after him', Uriel stares at him.

'I know', Castiel says again unsure of what else to say, Uriel smiles at him slightly.

'I expected you to beg for my mercy. For you to ask me to save him. I expected you to act more human, brother', Uriel says tauntingly.

'It's for the best', Castiel replies.

'Even though it will break Dean's heart', Uriel sounds so smug as he delivers this line.

'I will fix him again', Castiel says, he can already feel the dream fading into black as Uriel shakes his head at him.

'Should you be so confident, brother?', Uriel asks him but he has no time to reply, his eyes open to the sun rising with Dean's arm over him pulling him into the hunter's chest. He feels regret for the harshness of his words.


He feels Dean move inside him, hitting the spot that makes his stomach shiver and tighten, his breathing becoming sharp, he moans, grabs for his mark the flesh quivering beneath it as the white lights start to sparkle underneath his eyelids, the shudders running up his spine as Dean says the filthiest things to him, all the things he wants to do to Castiel sound delicious.

Castiel licks at his chapped lips, the lights become brighter, all his muscles tense, his toes curling as his head slams back, his back arching as he cries out, his body wracked with aftershocks as Dean pushes into him faster and harder, hitting the spot that makes him tingle until Castiel feels like it's al too much and Dean is coming inside him.


'Where is he, Cas?', Dean asks before he slugs back more whiskey. Tears falling freely down his face, Castiel licks them away, puts the whiskey down away from Dean's seeking hands.

'Samuel has made his own path', Castiel whispers undoing Dean's zipper. 'I'm here and I love you'.

Dean watches him, 'You can't replace him'.

'I'm not trying to, Dean', Castiel says as Dean walks towards away from him.

'Would you ?', Dean groans in frustration, 'Fuck me please. I just need to feel something'.

Castiel makes it hard and rough so Dean's head slams into the head board, Dean scratches at his back, his teeth scraping at his skin, marking and claiming him. Castiel moves faster, trying to get deeper into Dean.

Dean pants and writhes under him, his cock straining for Castiel to touch it. Castiel grabs his hands putting all his weight onto them so Dean will come from him fucking him. Dean's eyes close.

'Look at me. I want to see you come', Castiel growls and Dean groans, pleading for Castiel to touch him, Castiel likes to hear Dean beg, likes having Dean beneath him, likes being inside him.

Dean calls his name when he comes and Castiel feels his own orgasm being squeezed out of him.

He falls on top of Dean panting, laces their fingers together.

'I love you so much, Cas', Dean whimpers and Castiel kisses him to stop him crying again.


'You broke your wrist?', Castiel can't help laughing not at Dean being in pain but at the thing now on his arm.

'This is so not funny, Cas', Dean states.

'It's bright pink', Dean glares at him. 'Does it glow in the dark?'

'Cas', Dean growls.

'How are you going to hunt like that?', Castiel asks trying not to smirk.

'I was knocked out when they did this. I didn't have a choice. Just show me some support', Dean groans.

'Do you want me to go get you some pie and beer?', Castiel asks and Dean gives him his best attempt at puppy dog eyes.


Sam is standing over him, kicking his ribs, he pulls in deep breaths that are instantly kicked back out of him. Castiel tries not to look at the yellow eyes staring down at him or hear the snide comments being aimed at him. He hears a shot but it seems far away, he coughs up blood as Sam leans down a knife in his hand.

Then Castiel's face is covered in blood as Sam falls on top of him, he pulls the grace from around his neck. Breaking it on Sam's back and closing his eyes, hoping they both don't burn up as the grace runs into Sam.

There is a bright flash that knocks the breath out of him, his body tingles. Then he is only aware of the dark surrounding him.

'Cas?', someone is shaking his shoulders, desperately. He coughs, trying to speak.

Sam looks at him confused, his eyes normal, Castiel sighs.

'Sam? Cas?', he can hear Dean calling them and Sam gets up running for the door, past Robert who crouches shot gun still in hand.

'Well done, brother. You saved him', Uriel looks down at him smiling.

'No more demon blood?', Castiel asks shaking, he coughs up more blood onto his chest.

'You have left him untainted', Uriel leans down, hand reaching for his head. 'It's time to come home, brother'.

'We can still save him', he hears Robert speaking but it seems fuzzy.

'Do you want saved?', Uriel asks his hands so cool on his forehead.

Castiel thinks of Dean, thinks of leaving him and the pain in his chest doubles, 'Yes', he sighs and Uriel nods his head. Two fingers to his forehead and there is the wonderful dark.


His eyes open to a number of machines around his bed, Dean is beside him, hand holding his lightly.

'Go back to sleep. I'll watch over you', Dean says and Castiel smiles at him.

'Sam?', he manages to croak.

'Is safe', Dean whispers and kisses his forehead, 'thank you'.

Castiel laces their fingers together and closes his eyes.

'I love you', he hears Dean whisper as he falls asleep.


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