Title: Disappear
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Masturbation and voyeurism
Word Count: 667 words
Summary: Dean looked up at the ceiling of the motel room, watched the shifting shadows of the moonbeams and starlight shimmering across the ceiling.

Written for the following (anonymous) spnkink_meme prompt -

"Castiel watches Dean masturbating without Dean's knowledge (or maybe Dean does realize Cas is there, but doesn't let Cas know...your choice :)"


Dean looked up at the ceiling of the motel room, watched the shifting shadows of the moonbeams and starlight shimmering across the ceiling; shadows that should have lulled him to sleep but kept him awake instead. His eyes unfocussed, imagined he saw angel wings unfurling in the shimmering shapes on the ceiling, saw them flap, shine, catch the light, looked so beautiful, perfect above him. He smiled, imagined how soft the feathers must feel against bare skin, imagined Castiel's soft lips enclosing his own in a loving kiss, and Dean felt an erection press against the fabric of his boxers.

He looked down at himself, around the room, saw that it was safe, and that Sam had gone, before he reached down, slid questing fingers inside his boxers, wrapped them around his weeping cock, and started to stroke himself, gently at first, becoming firmer, faster, with every sweep and pass of his hand on super heated, super sensitive skin. He felt his nerves unravelling, his breath burst hard from parted lips, veins alight, alive with desire as moans filled the air around him.

His hips bucked from the bed, lifted from the mattress as he thought of Castiel once more, of how soft his skin felt beneath his own, of how pliable the angel was against him, how willing, how gentle, how demanding he could be. He moaned at the imagined feel of Castiel trailing kisses down Dean's waiting body, how soft his lips were, full and ripe against sweat soaked skin. A slight noise sounded in the otherwise quiet motel room, and Dean felt the sudden sensation of eyes resting hungrily, heavily upon him.

He cracked his eyes open slightly, furtively, slowly, saw the outline of a figure standing in the shadows across the room. Dean peered secretively, still stroking himself hard, unable to stop the forward motion, his stroking hand, questing fingers or the rocking of his hips now that it had started. He heard a slight shifting again, heard the faint ripple of wings unfurling and curling around the figure in the shadows, smiled when he realized it was Castiel.

Castiel was watching him, eyes resting lustfully on Dean's body as he jerked himself off in the moonlight. Dean's breath caught in his throat and he threw his head back upon his pillow, neck straining, had never felt more turned on and alive before in stolen private moments. He enjoyed the weight of Castiel's gaze resting upon his writhing form, enjoyed the thought that Castiel liked watching him, was probably getting off on it himself while he continued to pleasure himself while thinking of the angel.

Breathy moans filled the air, grew louder, turned into full blown cries of lust, want, need, desire, the more Dean thought of Castiel, his body, how he felt, the very real presence of Castiel watching him now. Dean could feel his time coming near, heard Castiel shift uncomfortably again, imagined him beneath him, his mouth closed hard around Dean's cock rather than his hand and he came, released himself hard in hot spurts over his hand, into his boxers, an almost scream of Castiel's name ripping from his throat to fill the air around him.

He continued stroking his already softening member, felt himself come down from waves of bliss still crashing through him, still keening Castiel's name in the back of his throat as he stared at the ceiling. Dean blinked, cleared his throat, licked too dry lips as he cast a furtive glance at the shadows once more; only to find that Castiel had now gone.

Dean smiled, chuckled to himself and shook his head.

"Dude, you are one kinky angel," the hunter said, with an affectionate smile, before he swung slightly shaky legs from the surface of the bed.

He stood, left the room to wash his hands, smiling slightly still at the voyeuristic Castiel. Dean found himself wishing that Castiel would watch him again sometime, maybe even stay long enough to join in ...


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