Title: Kisses Exchanged (Between Angel and Human)
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Series: 1) Disappear
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: masturbation, voyeurism and a blow job, oh my.
Word Count: 1274 Words
Summary: Castiel ghosted into the motel room, stood in the shadows with the night wrapped around him like a sheet as he watched Dean stare blindly up at the ceiling.


Castiel ghosted into the motel room, stood in the shadows with the night wrapped around him like a sheet as he watched Dean stare blindly up at the ceiling. He'd been there on many a night before, had watched while Dean had pleasured himself, night after night, cried out Castiel's name with such need, such want, such lust trapped within the tones of his voice, that it turned the angel on just to hear him. The sight of Dean stroking himself slowly at first, his hand working faster over his own erection, sweeping eager fingers across the surface of his straining cock as breathy gasps, and guttural moans fell from parted lips, made feelings of lust course through Castiel, set his veins alight, made his mouth dry with untamed want. 

Castiel watched once more as Dean slowly wrapped his hand around his straining erection, started stroking himself, pumped fingers over his cock, gently crying out Castiel's name against the waiting darkness of the night. He watched as Dean's hips bucked into his waiting palm, cries becoming more insistent the closer Dean came to completion. Castiel felt his own erection grow harder, throbbing, straining against his boxers, his pants, increasingly harder to ignore the longer Dean pleasured himself. He watched as Dean panted, moaned, writhed and gasped on the bed, cried out loudly when he came, found release with a cry of Castiel's name in the otherwise quiet room. Castiel gave an involuntary moan, lips parted, eyes wide, breath catching in his throat as Dean's hand slowly stopped and the hunter turned to look at him, breath still wheezing in lust restricted throat.

"Cas," Dean said, his voice gruff with need, pent up emotions trapped deep within him. "Cas, I know you're there."

Castiel stopped breathing, considered leaving, but realized it was already too late. Dean had known that the angel had been there all along, could feel it in the air, could smell it in the form of Dean's arousal, could read it in Dean's thoughts. Instead of hiding, instead of leaving, he came forward on near silent feet, sat beside Dean on his bed, looked down on the hunter with hopeful puppy dog eyes, pleading with Dean to not be angry, to just do something.

"I'm sorry," the angel said, quietly, blinked in the moonlight filtering through the curtained window behind him.

"For what?" Dean asked, in genuine confusion, green eyes rising to meet Castiel's with such trust held within, he made Castiel smile.

"For spying on you," the angel replied, cheeks flushed as he turned away, eyes downcast in embarrassment, sudden guilt. "You were having a private moment. I couldn't leave. I wanted to watch you, wanted to - "

Dean surprised the angel by laughing, before he asked - "Wanted to what, Cas?"

Castiel blushed, looked away, glanced almost shyly at Dean, before he said, hopefully - "I wanted to join in."

He looked as though he expected Dean to laugh at him, reject him, tell him he was kinky, something, but Dean didn't. Instead, the hunter reached up, drew Castiel down into a kiss, hot and wet and messy in its intensity, and all the more perfect for it. Castiel moaned against the contact, responded, worked soft lips against Dean's, moaned again when he felt Dean's hand wrap around his to guide his fingers beneath the cloth of the hunter's boxers. Castiel inhaled sharply, eyelids fluttered when he felt Dean's arousal, fluttered again, as his fingers wrapped tight around Dean's cock and started to stroke him firmly.

He broke the kiss, stared down at Dean with full lips parted, watched as Dean moaned and writhed beneath his touch, felt the strength of his arousal grow stronger with every sweep and pass of his hand over Dean's cock. He increased the pressure, pumped his hand faster over and across his erection, enjoyed the sounds of Dean crying out beneath him, as he writhed beneath his touch, back arching in pleasure. Castiel's arousal grew stronger, watched with full, ripe lips parted further still as Dean came, coated Castiel's hand with his hot release. Dean cried out for Castiel, his hips rising from the mattress with the force of his orgasm, cried out for Castiel again, eyes locking with the angel's as another orgasm rocked the hunter's body.

Castiel slid his hand away from Dean's cock, wiped the remains of Dean's release upon the sheets beside the hunter, before he started rubbing his palm against his own erection, hard, fast, rocking his hips into his hand as he threw his head back to stare at the ceiling blindly. He felt Dean's hand close over his own, stilled the rubbing motion over his cock, before he unbuckled, unzipped his dark pants, peeled them back from sweaty skin, snagged his boxers down far enough to release the angel's weeping erection.

Castiel mewled deep in his throat, as he felt Dean take him into his mouth, wet heat surrounding his sensitive member, sending electric bolts of desire and lust shooting over his entire body, weakened his legs, threatened to tumble him to the floor if he wasn't careful.

His hands gripped Dean's shoulders as the hunter started to move that exquisite wet heat over and across his cock, made him whimper and cry out with sudden need as he laced his fingers through Dean's hair. He fucked his cock hard into Dean's open mouth, eyes rolling to the ceiling as his mouth opened in a soundless o of pleasure. Dean reached up and caressed his balls with gentle fingers, took him deeper into his mouth, his throat and swallowed around the tip of his cock, eyes half closed and dreamy in his lust.

Castiel gave in, lost himself to his orgasm, as he released himself hard down Dean's throat, threatened to almost choke him. His body shuddered with the intense feelings of pleasure running rampant through his veins, as he cried out too loudly in the otherwise silent room. He cried out for Dean, cried out - "yes!" - cried out for Dean once more, body shuddering and hips stuttering as he came down slowly from feelings of ecstasy.

Dean pulled away, swallowed convulsively against Castiel's release, wiped at remnants around his lips, before he smiled up at the angel still standing in front of him. Castiel leant down, pressed hungry lips to Dean's own, fucked his tongue hard into the hunter's mouth, tasted Dean and his own release as he plundered Dean's mouth possessively. Dean responded just as hard, just as possessively, wanted to get as much from the angel as Castiel was willing to give.

Castiel gave everything he had, matched Dean's intensity with intensity of his own, and both were lost in kisses and caresses, gentle murmurs of love shared, meaningful heartfelt glances that spoke more than words ever could, and neither felt the need to speak further. A gentle silence fell between the lovers, a gentle silence that Dean eventually broke.

"You should come watch me in the night more often, if that's what happens afterwards," he said, with a cheeky grin at the angel.

Castiel surprisingly laughed at that, proving once more that some of Dean's humanity had rubbed off on him.

"You sure I'm not a kinky angel, Dean?" he asked, throwing Dean's earlier words back at him.

"Shut up, you weren't supposed to hear that," Dean said, pushing Castiel playfully, made him chuckle once more, before Dean reached up for another kiss.

Silence fell between them once more, broken only by pleasured murmurs in the night, and the gentle sounds of kisses exchanged between angel and human ....