Title: Blood Suger Sex Magik
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Word Count: 2799 words
Summary: Dean walked out of the 7-Eleven store, clutching two hot dogs, one in each hand, paid no attention to the heat and the grease from the fast food snack staining his palms, too intent in returning to his angel's side to truly care.
Title taken from a Red Hot Chili Pepper song of the same name


Dean walked out of the 7-Eleven store, clutching two hot dogs, one in each hand, paid no attention to the heat and the grease from the fast food snack staining his palms, too intent in returning to his angel's side to truly care. He smiled when he saw Castiel still patiently waiting outside in the chilly night air, head bowed, eyes fixed to the pavement as he rested against the hood of the Impala.

When Castiel became aware of Dean's approach, he looked up, raised his intense gaze to meet Dean's, lips curving slightly in an almost shy, definitely mysterious smile. Dean found himself smiling back, before he held the hot dog away from Castiel's grasp when the angel made a move to take one from him. Castiel frowned, full lips parted into a sensuous pout as though he were about to protest, but his words were stolen from him by Dean pressing urgent lips to his, working against his in a desperate kiss, breath blasting out to play across slightly chilled cheeks.

Castiel made a desperate noise in the back of his throat, that shifted into a satisfied purr, tongue sliding into Dean's mouth when he found the hunter open, receptive, wet, needy. He felt Dean's tongue meet his, fucked desperately into his mouth, as the hunter pressed him further back onto the hood of the Impala. He whimpered, purred, melded his body against Dean's when he felt the other man's erection grind against his own. His whimpers grew louder, more insistent as he started rubbing his erection harder against Dean's, made Dean moan in surprised pleasure, in building excitement.

Dean broke the kiss first, planted a gentle kiss at the corner of Castiel's mouth, kissed him again full on his ripe mouth, before pulling away almost reluctantly, turning to look down the street furtively. Castiel reached again for the hot dog and this time Dean allowed him to take it from him. Dean watched Castiel eat, even as he attacked his own hot dog; watched as Castiel bit almost daintily into the meat, the bun, tomato ketchup and mustard oozing to stain his lips.

Castiel's eyes slowly closed in cat-like satisfaction, tip of his pink tongue easing out to lick away the sauce from his lips, a small grunt of approval easing past his soft lips. Dean watched him, his own half eaten dog temporarily forgotten as he watched Castiel's liquid blue eyes slowly open, mouth chewing slowly, languidly upon his mouthful until he swallowed, watched the angel take another bite of his hot dog with another grunt of approval.

Dean felt lust coil through him like an untamed beast, wanted to take Castiel again, stepped towards him as though to make his move. Castiel looked up, eyes deceptively innocent, yet with an undercurrent of knowledge that he knew what Dean wanted, what he needed and craved, knew it because he wanted it, needed it, craved it too.

A warm feeling settled through Castiel, his stomach full from the hot dog still laying only half eaten in his hand and from the donuts he'd previously eaten not fifteen minutes previously. He saw the hungry look in Dean's eyes, the way that Dean licked his lips in an unconscious gesture, as his gaze travelled down Castiel's body, to his mouth, up to his eyes, repeating the gesture several times over, gaze lingering hungrily upon Castiel's mouth every time.

The angel smiled slightly, more to himself than to Dean, before taking the hot dog into his mouth, biting down gently onto the meat, full lips pouting around the mouthful as he chewed slowly, purposefully, teasingly and saw Dean swallow uncomfortably. He closed his eyes one more, could still feel Dean's gaze heavy upon him as he moaned purposefully, loudly into the night air.

"Cas," Dean said, hoarsely, with some difficulty, breath catching in his throat, turned his voice gruff, filled with lust.

The angel opened his eyes, settled his gaze upon Dean standing closer to him, saw the naked need, the constant craving held with the hunter's gaze as Dean stared at him. He felt his erection press steadily against his briefs, against his dark pants, knew without checking by the scent of heady arousal staining the air that Dean was just as turned on as he was.

"This time, I suggest the motel room, Dean," Castiel said, his eyes tracking the progress of a lone pedestrian walking nonchalantly by, who glanced curiously at the pair in the moonlight. "Getting too public now."

"It didn't bother you earlier," Dean murmured as he turned slightly to track the pedestrian's progress too.

"We didn't have much of an audience then," Castiel murmured quietly.

"True," Dean replied, with a slow nod of assent.

The stranger nodded out a greeting at the two men standing close to one another, expression open, friendly, unsuspecting. Castiel watched him expressionlessly, as Dean nodded and smiled meaninglessly at the man in a fake greeting, before he walked on, away into the night, looking back only once at the angel and his hunter. His footsteps faded into the distance, his shadow shimmering and disappearing into the darkness, but his memory didn't and the all too real threat of further prying onlookers didn't.

"The motel room it is," Dean agreed, before risking another kiss, tasted the hot dog on Castiel when he slipped his tongue into the angel‘s mouth.

Castiel whimpered, turned his face to Dean's more, tilted his head slightly, begged for Dean to deepen the kiss as noises of mewling encouragement settled deep into his throat, fingers lacing possessively in Dean's hair. Dean responded hungrily, deepened the kiss, fucked his tongue hard into Castiel's open, wet, pliant mouth, erection pressed meaningfully up against the angel's once more.

He broke the kiss reluctantly, ran his hand down Castiel's arm, smiled when the angel leant into him, eyes half closed, a slight smile touching his lips as he did so. Dean felt something shift through him then, something very much like love, and the thought, the realization didn't scare him as much as it once would have done. Instead, love comforted him, felt right and he hoped love, and Castiel wouldn't leave him. His eyes glanced up at Castiel and received his answer.

Castiel wouldn't leave him. There was love, not lust in Castiel's direct gaze when the angel looked upon him, and Dean smiled, more to himself than to Castiel. He wondered what he'd done to deserve this, but turned away, decided not to question it, to just accept it.

"Finish your hot dog, Cas; we're leaving," he said, gruffly, before he bit into the remainder of his own late snack.

Castiel merely nodded, did as Dean had said, before they piled into the Impala, to drive back to the motel room in near silence. Neither felt like talking, neither felt the need to talk - everything that needed to be said was spoken with stolen glances, almost shy smiles, small realizations that it was love not lust that they were feeling.

Castiel gently traced fingertips across Dean's free hand, across his knee, gaze averted almost to the floor of the car, a faint flush flooding across his cheeks. Dean's hands shook upon the wheel, wanted to touch Castiel but couldn't, too fearful of running his Impala from the road if he did.

Finally, finally, he pulled up outside the motel room, thankfully dark, seemingly empty. Dean looked at the darkened windows, wondered if Sam was inside still, or out walking. He started slightly when Castiel's hand clamped more firmly on the hunter's forearm, trembling slightly against his skin.

"Sam's not there, Dean. He's walking," Castiel said, his voice dark, promising stolen moments in a darkened motel room and so much more.

Dean didn't bother asking how Castiel knew this, just put it down to freaky angelic mojo working double time. He sighed, moaned, trembled beneath Castiel's touch , turned eager eyes onto the angel sitting beside him, wanted him, craved him.

He leant across, pressed urgent lips to Castiel's own, felt their soft surfaces work, respond, kiss him just as hungrily back, tongues probing each other's mouths eagerly. The hunter felt Castiel's slightly sweaty and too warm hand press firmly against his forehead, a brief flash of light filtered through his closed eyelids, before he opened them to the inside of the motel room.

He closed his eyes, lips parted, felt Castiel's impatient hand press solidly against his forehead, heard Castiel's growl of impatience cut the air, as the angel worked his magic upon the hunter's clothes. Dean felt the slight chill in the air as his naked skin was bared to the emptiness of the motel room, raising goose bumps that had just as much to do with the closeness of Castiel as the chill.

He opened his eyes once more at the feel of Castiel's bare skin brushing against his own, at the feel of heavy wings unfurling and brushing against him, covering him in their warm and gentle embrace. Dean shuddered, wrapped the wings around his naked body, moaned at the feel of the feathers resting gently against his skin.

Castiel leant in, stole a kiss, soft, silken lips working against Dean‘s, before the hunter walked Castiel impatiently over to the nearest bed, not caring just who that bed belonged to, pushed the angel down upon it's slightly too hard surface. He crawled up beside him, covered the angel's body with his own, just as effectively as Castiel covered him with his soft, feathered wings.

Dean traced gentle hands across Castiel's abdomen, mouth following in their wake, suckling, biting and kissing at bare, sweaty skin. Castiel grumbled out a long drawn out note of pleasure, leisurely arching his body into Dean's, stretched almost like a cat, as he shuddered beneath Dean's hands, Dean's mouth, Dean's tongue.

He groaned again, a long drawn out note of pleasure caught deep with his throat that trembled through Dean's body, as the other man's mouth found and latched onto Castiel's nipple. The angel's hand rested gently on the back of Dean's head, fingers laced through short brown hair, as Dean's mouth suckled and laved over the pebbled nub of the angel's nipple, until it became swollen, erect in his mouth.

Castiel murmured his name, shifted beneath him, arousal heavy in the air, resting upon the hunter as Dean traced kisses across Castiel's chest, closed them around the other nipple, gently nipped and suckled with teeth and lips. His hand, his fingers, dug into Castiel's hip, shifted, twisted against the bone, produced a whimper from the angel's lips, a shudder from his body, as his erection pressed ever more firmly into Dean's thigh.

Dean kissed his way further up Castiel's chest, gently bit the angel's shoulder, before moving to Castiel's neck. The angel angled his head to give Dean better access, an almost purr working deep in his throat, as he laced his fingers through Dean‘s short hair. Dean shifted against Castiel, settled closer into his side, draped his leg possessively across the angel's thighs, as he kissed, bit, and sucked a bruise on the tender flesh of Castiel‘s neck, further marking Castiel as his own.

The angel wrapped his arms closer around Dean's body, cradled him against his chest, wings slowly wrapping around him in their warm embrace. Dean whined deep in his throat at the feel of Castiel's wings gently caressing him, stopped suckling at the angel's neck as Castiel stroked Dean's body with wingtips and pinion feathers, soft downy feathers near the base of his wings tickling Dean's face gently.

Dean's eyes fluttered closed, his lips parted, tongue peeked out as he licked his lips slowly, sensuously, whimpered slightly when Castiel manoeuvred him onto his back, hands running across skin, as the angel settled between Dean's parted legs. He covered the hunter's body with his own, wings still caressing Dean as he reached for the lube beside them.

Dean's eyes fluttered open, looked hazy, unfocussed, blinked against the drift and sweep of feathers against his body, his face, across his straining cock. Castiel claimed his lips, opened his mouth when Dean thrust his tongue against his lips, licking across their soft surface to gain entrance. Breath blasted, mingled on lovers' faces, as tongues fucked into open, wet mouths, erections rubbing one against the other, as their hips moved in time.

Castiel keened deep in his throat, poured an almost scream into Dean's mouth as he felt his climax slowly start to build behind his navel. He pulled away from the kiss, hastily squeezed lube onto his fingers, before he eased one finger inside Dean.

He watched as the hunter closed his eyes, face taut, muscles clenching around Castiel's finger until slowly he relaxed, allowed the angel to ease his hole wider, add another finger, rub over his prostate maddeningly. Castiel watched Dean's closed eyes, parted lips, flushed cheeks as Dean's breath came hard and fast, mingled with needy moans and shouts of Castiel's name, as the hunter writhed against him.

Castiel eased his fingers out, away from Dean's body, slicked them up again with lube, covered Dean's body with his own, his wings, as he slicked the lube over his own weeping cock. Castiel's eyes closed as his hand gripped his sensitive member, smoothing the slightly chilly lube over his skin, breath rasping from between parted lips as the orgasm continued to build within him. He stopped, pulled back, settled further into the crook of Dean's legs, before he gently eased himself inside Dean. He stopped when he felt Dean clench, tighten, body stiffen against being filled, waited until Dean relaxed, a gentle smile caressing his face, as gentle as the wings still touching him.

The hunter's body arched up into Castiel's, shuddered against him as Castiel filled him, sheathed himself completely inside him, muscles clamping down on sensitive cock. Both cried out, as they started moving against one another, Castiel fucking into Dean, and Dean fucking himself hard onto Castiel every time the angel withdrew.

Their eyes met, locked, bodies rising and falling in a perfectly sensuous rhythm, the scent of arousal hanging heavy on the air between them, breathy gasps and moans mingled with whispered "I love you" from both hunter and angel.

Castiel's wings enveloped Dean in their heady embrace, and Dean arched up into their feathered surface, body trembling with need, scream ripping from his throat as he came, spurted his release across his abdomen and chest, across his lover's abdomen, muscles clenched tightly around Castiel's cock. Castiel was rolled under by the force of his own orgasm, and he filled his hunter with his come, yelled out for Dean, body shaking, shuddering, pleasured.

For one brief instant, Dean felt his spirit soar, seemed to leave his body for the briefest of moments, his soul brushing up against Castiel's and the angel's soul felt strong, wise, ancient, powerful, perfect and loving. He felt Castiel recognise him, his spirit form reaching out to embrace him as close as his physical body was, and in that instant, their souls touched, combined, wrapped around each other, in a beautiful rapture of feeling. All Dean could feel was light, purity, all encompassing love, undivided loyalty and attention, and Dean's soul rejoiced.

Castiel could feel Dean's true spirit, reached out for it, loved it as much as he did Dean, because it was Dean. He felt love, he felt the purity of Dean's soul, felt tenderness there that he wouldn't, couldn't show in his physical form, truly understood Dean in that one instant. He embraced him, wrapped ethereal wings around Dean's spirit, vowed to keep him safe, protected, loved forever.

Gradually, their souls broke apart, retreated, returned to their bodies with a jolt, still rejoicing in the perfection of the moment their souls entwined, their bodies sweat slicked and perfect, heat baking from each of them to combine in the air around them. Dean ran wondrous, loving hands over Castiel's body, fingertips trembling against perfectly smooth skin, as Castiel gazed upon him, patient, loving, tender.

Neither spoke, neither felt the need to speak, too scared to break the perfection of the moment, in case it shattered, fragmented into so much meaningless glass around them. Castiel looked languid as he leant down, placed a gentle, loving kiss against Dean's forehead, exchanged a smile as gentle as a summer breeze, before he gently withdrew, laid down beside his hunter, wrapped his arm protectively around him and watched as Dean slowly drifted off into quiet sleep beside him.

The angel settled beside Dean, one arm draped across Dean's abdomen, fingers gently caressing the hunter's skin, little knowing that Sam was standing at the window, peering in, face blank and expressionless, having borne witness to their steady coupling inside ....



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