Title: Like Water To A Mogwai
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: masturbation, human on angel action, and boy kissing, oh my
Word Count: 1789 words
Summary: Dean finds out something surprising about Castiel, which spices up their sex life somewhat. =D A prequel which explains why Castiel has his drawers in his uproar in No Matter The Storm. This is what I had in mind for why Castiel acted the way he did (I bet it was a different reason to anyone else expected.) =D


Dean watched as the sunlight slowly infiltrated the room, steadily growing brighter the higher the sun climbed in the sky. He watched one single beam work its way across the floor, growing brighter, growing larger as it steadily crept across the dingy motel carpet. He turned over, settled more comfortably into Castiel's side, who was laying staring lazily up at the ceiling, chest rising and falling in contented breathing.

Castiel turned his head slightly to look at Dean, eyes shining an almost luminescent blue in the steadily growing light. Dean felt transfixed by that gaze, couldn't look away, felt trapped by the perfect beauty of Castiel's eyes. He could see the sunlight reflecting within their dark blue depths, making them shine with an ethereal light that seemed to belong more to Castiel than the bright, bright sunlight.

Dean leant forward, pressed gentle lips to Castiel's claimed his mouth for his own, felt soft lips dropping silken kisses to his own, met Castiel's tongue in a sinful dance that betrayed his angelic nature. He felt Castiel's chest rising and falling in time with his own, felt the angel's warmth seeping into his slightly chilly body, felt Castiel's satisfied murmurs, pleasured gasps reverberating through this slim chest.

Dean felt the sunlight reach his back, start to creep up his skin, warm him from the back like Castiel was warming him from the front. The kiss ended, and Dean pulled away, to stare lovingly at Castiel, as the sunlight caught more fully on slightly tanned skin, fell on half closed eyes, made the blue irises seem richer and the dark eyelashes seem paler. The sun crept higher, caught in Castiel's hair, made it seem a richer brown than normal, caught on the shadowy impression of his wings outstretched behind him, standing proud from his body.

Castiel moaned, full lips parted, seemed fuller still as he pushed them out in a gentle pout as he shifted his body against the slightly too hard mattress beneath him, eyes slowly drifted fully closed, made the angel look more fragile somehow, more open, laid bare. He moaned again, louder this time, made lust roar like a wild beast through Dean's body, and he felt his cock twitch, stiffen, the scent of arousal hanging heavy in the air. He watched, breath catching in his throat, as Castiel arched his back, abdomen raising into the air to meet the sunlight, arms, hands splayed out behind him, as he moved.

"Dean," Castiel murmured, as his wings stiffened, spread out to catch the light, its friendly warmth. "Dean."

Dean watched in fascination as the angel bathed in the sunlight, erection standing proud from his body, as though the mere caress of the sun's warmth was turning him on. The hunter watched, teeth catching at his lower lip, felt his erection throb, felt lust shifting inside him, erasing every last thought he owned, until everything he had, everything he was, focussed upon Castiel.

Castiel repeated his name once more, arching his back again, as he writhed in the light, hand slowly travelling down to wrap gently around his own cock. His fingers started slowly sweeping up, over and around the sensitive skin of his arousal, growing stronger, more certain the longer that the angel pleasured himself. He cried out for Dean again, voice deeper in his lust, eyes flying wide to stare up at the ceiling blindly, as his hips bucked, rose from the bed to meet his furiously stroking hand, lips parted, breath rasping almost painfully in his throat.

Dean groaned, watched, and felt Castiel's orgasm like it was his own when the angel finally reached climax, released himself in pleasured spurts across his hand, across his abdomen, gasping out the hunter's name repeatedly as he came. His slim chest rose and fell, breath catching in his throat as his skin glowed from the light of the sun.

Castiel turned his head away from the glare, turned it back to Dean, eyes luminous, brimming with love, lust, the need to be filled by Dean. The hunter ran a reverent hand across Castiel's abdomen, slicked across Castiel's release, felt the skin smooth, unblemished, warm beneath his touch, growing steadily warmer as the sun continued to heat it. Dean blinked in surprise. It seemed as though the sun was having an effect on the angel. It seemed as though sunlight, its warmth, its beauty aroused Castiel, made him more receptive towards Dean than even before, his wings acting as sensitive conduits to his body.

Dean leant forward, claimed Castiel's lips possessively, worked his mouth against the angel's, let Castiel in when the angel licked, prodded, probed at Dean's lips with his tongue. Dean murmured out sudden pleasure at the taste of Castiel, sweet, pure, like toffee, chocolate, everything. Arousal rose within him, spread through him, made him settle between Castiel's parted thighs, cover the angel's body possessively with his own.

He broke the kiss, reached hastily for the lube, almost fumbled it in his haste, before he uncapped the tube, squeezed some shakily over his fingertips and smeared it across sensitive fingers. He glanced up at Castiel, saw him watching him, mouth opened slightly, lips pursed in a needy little pout.

Dean watched as Castiel's eyes snapped closed when the hunter eased a lube covered finger inside him, a moan squeezed past clenched teeth, soft parted lips, growing louder when another finger was added, twisted, stretched him wider. Castiel's hands bunched the sheets beneath his sun warmed body, writhed as much as Dean would let him, arousal pressing his cock hard into Dean's flesh. Dean withdrew his fingers, covered them in lube again and hastily smeared the cool liquid over his straining erection, cried out involuntarily when his fingers enclosed his sensitive head.

He braced himself against the bed, settled Castiel's legs a little wider, before he reached down between them, guided his cock inside the angel‘s tight hole, groaned loudly when he felt Castiel's tight warmth wrap solidly around him. He stayed like that for a moment, let Castiel settle, enjoyed the feel of the angel rubbing against him, around his cock, before he pushed, thrust deeper inside Castiel. He cried out at the exquisite feel of the angel wrapped around him, responding to him, writhing, crying out, eyes closed and mouth open in need, want, lust, desire, abandonment. He loved the sound of Castiel mewling and keening sounds of encouragement beneath him, wanting him and him alone.

Dean let himself go, let himself feel everything, felt pleasure shuddering through him in great waves as he took Castiel roughly, couldn't hold back with the angel so needy beneath him. He thrust roughly into his angel, enjoyed the feel of him tight around his cock, enjoyed making him squirm whenever he hit his prostate. He felt Castiel's heels press into his ass, driving him deeper, before the angel maneauvered Dean somehow onto his back, Castiel himself on top, still straddling him. The angel's wings stretched out above them both, quivering in the light as Castiel thrust himself down onto Dean, cried out wordlessly as Dean's cock rubbed against his prostate once more, sent waves of pleasure shuddering through him.

He continued riding Dean, took everything that his hunter was willing to give, fingers digging into Dean's flesh, as their bodies met sensuously, hips thrusting and meeting, thrusting and meeting as they rutted. Castiel finally let go, covered Dean's abdomen and chest with his release as he came, body, wings shuddering in the sunlight as he cried out helplessly for Dean. His chest heaved, as he continued rocking against Dean's hips, clenched his muscles tight around Dean's cock, until Dean climaxed, released his come into Castiel with a cry of the angel's name.

Castiel remained straddled upon Dean, breath slowly stilling to a slower pace, before he gently eased himself away from Dean, made Dean shudder and moan as his tight warmth released him. The angel sat there, face turned to the light, eyes closed, a slight smile curving his lips, his skin appearing almost golden in the light. Dean reached up, caressed Castiel's arm wondrously, reverently, made him shudder, lean into the contact happily.

Castiel folded his wings away, basked in the sunlight a little longer, then turned to Dean when he started to chuckle. He tilted his head to one side in the usual Castiel gesture of grand confusion.

"What's so funny?" he asked, curiosity clear in the tone of his voice. "Are you laughing at me?"

Dean laughed harder, then shook his head, never taking his eyes from Castiel's.

"No, Cas. I'm not laughing at you. It's just - you ever see that movie "Gremlins"?" he asked, as his fingers stroked against Castiel's bare skin, raising pleasured goose bumps in their wake.

At Castiel's continued silence, Dean took that as the negative response that it was.

"Of course you haven't. You were probably up in Heaven playing your harp and polishing your halo when that was released. Gremlins involved this little creature that kinda looked like a freaky teddy bear thing that turned into gremlins when water touched its fur," Dean explained, running eyes as well as fingertips over Castiel's body.

"That's the wierdest compliment you're ever given me, Dean," Castiel observed, blinking in the sunlight uncertainly.

Dean chuckled, but didn't stop caressing the angel's skin. Castiel continued leaning into his touch, eyes closing momentarily as a smile touched his lips once more.

"I haven't finished yet, Cas. What I'm saying is, the sunlight seems to have the same effect on you - it turns you into ... something else, makes you more - " Dean struggled for the word he wanted.

"Uninhibited?" Castiel supplied, with his head tilted to the side once more.

"Yeah. What you said," Dean agreed, with an amused smirk. "The sunlight to you is like water to the Mogwai! Something to be remembered."

"So it's a good thing?" Castiel questioned, a teasing light brightening his expression, shone in his eyes and crinkled the corners in a slight smile.

"Oh yes, it's a very good thing," Dean agreed, as he pulled Castiel down for another kiss.

The angel kissed him back, eyes closed, lips responsive, tongues fucking and dancing, as the sunlight spread through Castiel once more, warming his body, worked its magic upon his system. Dean could feel in the shifting and the tension in the angel's muscles that Castiel was ready again, allowed the angel to settle between his legs, to cover his body with his own, as a satisfied smile settled across his face. He knew that whenever the sun shone in the future, Castiel would be ready to go. He only hoped that he would be able to keep up ...