Title: The Touch Of An Angel
By: Flo Wynn
Pairing: pre-slash Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Heavy spoilers for season four episode one Lazarus Rising
Summary: If you wanted plot you should have turned left at the last crossroads.


There is fire. More fire than any twisted, tormented soul could ever conjure in their darkest nightmare. It blisters his skin and causes his eyes to weep tears of salt that burn as they fall down his tied and dislocated body and the wounds that were reopened when he tried to move away from the clawing hands that grab him as he rests in-between sessions of indescribable torture. The only thing that feels unaffected by the fire is his throat which is hoarse and dry from all the times he has screamed his brothers name, just hoping beyond all reason and all sense that his brother, his own flesh and blood and heart, can hear him from beyond the veil that divides them now.

But Sammy never comes and Dean keeps burning until he cannot recognise pain from pleasure and blood from fire. Until something touches him, something cold and so beautiful and so inhumane that it leaves a mark as he is pulled from his bed of flames.

He digs himself out of his own grave; fear racing through his body in an almost reassuring way as it made his heart beat so fast that even if he wasn't overly aware of the sounds of his own breathing he would know he was alive because he would be able to heart his heart as it went 'thud-thud-thud-thud' in his scar free chest. But even though he knows he is alive now, he still remembers he was dead even as the details of what and who and which are lost. All that remains is the shape of an inhumane hand print on his skin. What he does not know then is that the scar represents the forever battle of good verses evil, and he has just been recruited and chosen by an Angel. What he doesn't realise even after that information is given to him is that it changes everything; everything that was between him and Sammy and everything that will be between him and Castiel.


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