Title: Taste of an Angel
By: Flo Wynn
Pairing: Dean/ofc & Dean/omc & Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Series: 1) The Touch Of An Angel
Spoilers: Lazarus Rising & Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
Summary: What does an Angel taste like?


Dean Winchester has kissed all kinds of people. When he was a child he used to kiss Sammy's forehead when he said goodnight, and later after the death of their mom he continued to do so - but only when John wasn't looking. Eventually Sammy got too old for this but still some days after a hard hunt or an argument with their dada or a memeory of their mom and Dean would dreep over to his soundly sleeping brother's bed and press his lips to Sammy's forehead in a gesture that said "I'm your big brother and I'm gonna do what ever I have to do to keep you safe."

Dean had his first sexual kiss aged twelve with a girl in his class at school. She was pretty with blond curls and forest green eyes but what Dean remembered most about her was that she had tasted of strawberry flavoured lip gloss which she had most likely stole from her older sister. Afterwards she had squeeled and rubbed her mouth with her hand like she was trying to remove the taste of the peanut and jelly sandwich Dean had had for lunch even though he had not opened his mouth to her. A week later John had announced they were leaving and Dean had given the girl a real kiss - like how they kissed in movies - before he had left and she hadn't rubbed her lips this time. Dean had considered it a win.

Dean wasn't a closed minded individual. Yes he could get a bit... tunnel vision when it came to hunting and family loyalty but he was open to new experiences. But even then it was a shock for Dean to find some random guy's tongue down his throat while his hand slipped inbetween their legs. Not that he hadn't liked it but he had been left spluttering from the taste of cigarrette smoke and cheep whiskey.

Dean had kissed a lot of people. Humans that was. Men and women and girls. They all tasted unique but they all tasted inheriently human. And it was nothing like kissing a demon.

The crossroads demon had tasted of fire and pain and death. Black and sour. It had been intense and passionate - much like his young life which had burned out far too soon. Of course then he had been brought back to life.

By an angel.

Dean had wondered why. Why him? Why not his dad? Why not Sam? Why him, why then? He had wondered how God could let his world fall apart. seemingly having abandoned them to Hell and worse... But right then, with Castiel standing so close to him making Dean remember things he thought he could never remember - and had never wanted to - he wondered what an angel tasted like. He leaned in when Castiel was close enough - Castiel's rage and inhuman beauty as attractive to Dean as Cassie's attitude had been. When Dean's lips touched Castiel's it was like a flood had broken lose. All this memories returned in a suden flash - of burning in hell and of burning by being saved - but most of all what stood out from all the rest was that this angel tasted of salt and sugar and - surprisingly - of blood.

He broke the kiss with large eyes, staring at Castiel who looked back at him calmly as if his anger had never existed. And with a sudden shocking knowledge Dean knew that that had not been the first time he had kissed an angel.


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