Title: Angel's Scent
By: Flo Wynn
Pairing: implied Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG
Series: 1) The Touch Of An Angel, 2) Taste of an Angel
Spoilers: slightly In the Beginning
Summary: This is now officially part of my 'Five Senses of an Angel' series.


Even though Dean is sleeping he still knows that Castiel is there - watching him, looking over him, waiting for him to wake naturally - even if he only knows this in his subconscious, he is not let ready to admit the truths that accompany this fact to himself yet - although of course Castiel already knows this himself.

There is a certain smell - no, a scent - that Dean now associates with angels. It isn't the Sulphuric smell of Hell and he hopes it isn't the smell of Heaven - if such a place even does exist, he has doubted this fact for so long that to now accept it seems too much to take in all at once. No, it isn't any of those smells.

Angel's have the scent of ice. Most people will tell you that ice - frozen water - does not smell. But walk into a freezer and tell him that there isn't a beautiful but shocking smell of cold in there that opens you up with every breath. At least, that is what it is like breathing in Castiel's scent. And that is how he knows, even with two eyes tightly shut in a pitch black room with his mind of in the land of nod - that Castiel is watching him, lusting after him, and that when Dean wakes it will be to see Castiel's sinfully beautiful face. So he sleeps soundly as the nightmares bombard him, feeling safe becuase his Angel is watching over him.


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