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Mondays at the Office by amazonqueenkate
SUMMMARY: Hodges has an unusual Monday morning, to say the least.

Unseen Agony by Angelise
SUMMARY: Greg comes to Warrick's defense.

I Know A Secret by anmani
PAIRING: Nick/Greg & Nick/Greg/Warrick & Greg/Warrick
SUMMARY: Greg gets to have a lot of sex.

Ben McLain
Expect the Unexpected by Ben McLain
SUMMARY: Someone on the inside is trying to kill Greg.

Warrick is Early by bennizzlejizzle
SUMMARY: Nick's worried about Warrick. Warrick's worried about the new DNA tech and her relationship with Greg. Greg's worried about... well, Warrick has no clue what he's worried about.

Pain Beyond Hurt by Benny
SUMMARY: What happens when things go wrong.

Get Some Rest by boho-beata
SUMMARY: 3x22 Play With Fire - Scene 20 - With my own little twist.

He's No You by boho-beata
SUMMARY: Greg... was a flirt. Warrick was... possessive.

Life Was Good by boho-beata
SUMMARY: Ring inscriptions.

To Be Destroyed by boho-beata
SUMMARY: "When you think of explosion, you think to fall apart, to be destroyed." -Ms. Muller, my English teacher.

Welcome Home by boho-beata
SUMMARY: If Greg wasn't in bed with him, sleeping wouldn't be easy.

Scenes With A Twist by boho-beata
PAIRING: Nick/Greg & Greg/Warrick
SUMMARY: These are scenes from CSI, rewritten with my own twist. SPOILERS... duh. Mostly Nick/Greg.

Carina Scott
Mornings by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Greg's thoughts during his stay in the hospital.

Undulating by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick comes home to a pleasant surprise.

Safe in His Arms by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Greg comforts his lover the only way he knows how.

Caryn OBrian
Waking Up by Caryn OBrian
SUMMAY: What happens when Greg wakes up. Blame knightmusic for the scenerio, and Evan Nicholas for poking at me because there isn't enough Greg/Warrick fic out there.

The Bet by Gryvon
SUMMARY: Warrick would give anything to get Greg to shut up.

Magnetic Relations by immortalje
SUMMARY: Warrick thinks about his relationship with Greg.

Drinking Buddies by it-glitters

Greg's Song by jayceepat
SUMMARY: I read a story by Juneprota that was so good, I started thinking about something for Greg and Warrick. I was working on an outline when I learned that Heath Ledger had died at the age of 28. This all fell together.

Fighting to Survive by Jesika
WARNING: Although Nick is being portrayed as being homophobic, please read through to the end before you dismiss the story.
SUMMARY: Takes place after "Viva Las Vegas". Greg doesn't know what to feel anymore, and his relationship with Warrick is taking the brunt of it.

Kinda Cute by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg's turning 39 and he's kind of freaking out.

Dresses and Gowns by juneprota
SUMMARY: Drabble. Greg's in the hospital.

Dresses and Gowns Revisited by juneprota
SUMMARY: Convo-only. Greg's in the hospital and wants to leave. He and Warrick talk. Lots of randomness.

Can You Feel the Beat? by juneprota
SUMMARY: Warrick and Greg run into each other in a club.

Kinda Romantic by juneprota
SUMMARY: Warrick and Greg dance.

Summer Was Won by juneprota
SUMMARY: Warrick just wants to go home, and he's counting the seconds as his shift drags on.

Mother, Mother by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg's mother comes into town to spend time with her son and meet the new man in his life.

Sunday Mornings by juneprota
SUMMARY: Sunday mornings are about as perfect as the world gets.

Life is Experiencing by juneprota
SUMMARY: Drabble. People don't understand the attraction.

Way Off-Beat by juneprota
SUMMARY: Drabble. Warrick says "I Love You" for the first time.

If You Were Mine by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg lays his cards on the table.

Act or Not by juneprota
SUMMARY: Warrick has a way with words.

Vegas Native Rule #1 by juneprota
SUMMARY: When his family chooses Las Vegas as their vacation destination, Greg decides the city has nothing to offer an eighteen-year-old. Young CSI Warrick Brown sets out to change his mind.

A Smile's Worth by juneprota
SUMMARY: Warrick runs into the newest labrat at a gay club and takes it upon himself to teach the kid a few things.

Cutting My Loses by juneprota
PAIRING: Greg/Warrick & Brian/Justin(QAF)
SUMMARY: When things get too hard to handle in Vegas, Greg runs to Pittsburgh and the person that knows him best, his longtime friend, Justin Taylor. Little does he know, running away will have serious consequences.

Virtues Become Vices by juneprota
SUMMARY: A case hits Warrick close to home.

Putting the Fun in Family Function by juneprota
SUMMARY: A brief moment of Greg and Warrick at a Brown family function.

Waiting and Dating by juneprota
SUMMARY: AU. Greg and Warrick meet in an unusual way.

It's Christmastime in Sin City by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg isn't quite sure how he and Warrick ended up making out in front of the Las Vegas Crime Lab staff, but he has a feeling it's all Warrick's fault.

Some Investigator by juneprota
SUMMARY: Short Drabble. Nick notices something different about his best two friends.

Faded Paper by juneprota
SUMMARY: Sequel to Vegas Native Rule #1. As the years pass, Greg and Warrick seem to find each other again and again.

In The Night by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg has a tough time with a tough case.

I Love Tacos by juneprota
SUMMARY: Pure Fluff. Warrick has something to tell Greg.

Quitting Long-Term by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg finds out Warrick smokes. Greg and Warrick exchange vows...sort of.

Greg Loves Warrick by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg is minutes away from ending his and Warrick's relationship when the other man is injured in a car accident.

Building Up by juneprota
SUMMARY: Greg reflects on his and Warrick's previous relationships and how they led up to this one.

Crack That Whip by juneprota
SUMMARY: Drabble.

Let There Be Peace In My Soul by juneprota
NOTE: AU on a number of levels, (the main one being - Warrick doesn't die)
SUMMARY: Snapshots of Greg and Warrick's relationships and all of the moments Grams was there for them.

Out of Left by juneprota
SUMMARY: Warrick and Greg are a happily not-quite-married couple. They are living together and raising their daughter Kayla when something, rather someone comes out of left to disturb their happy little life.

Tomorrow by kentucka
NOTE: Sequal of Today.

Meet the Sanders by Mondeo
PAIRING: Greg/Warrick & teeny tiny hint of Bobby/David
SUMMARY: Warrick meets Greg's family for the first time, but things don't exactly go according to plan.

Early Arrival by nancy
WARNINGS: mpreg, slavefic!
SUMMARY: Nick delivers presents only to get a surprise along the route.

Party Prep by nancy
PAIRING: Greg/Warrick
WARNINGS: slave!fic, shmoop
SUMMARY: Warrick forgets something important during the busy season.

Head Cold part duex by NikkiM
SERIES: Head Cold Nick/Warrick
Head Cold, part trois Jim/Warrick/Gil
SUMMARY: Warrick's sampling the cough medicine again.

Paradise4writin and Radek McKay
Convention Forgivness by Paradise4writin and Radek McKay
SUMMARY: After a break up, Warrick and Greg find themselves in a hotel during a convention.

Perpetual Motion
Calming Down by Perpetual Motion

Twist-Dip Tease by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Slow night at the lab. Sex almost insues.

Inspiration by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Greg's doing NaNo. Warrick is his muse.

A NaNoer Bites the Dust by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Greg does Nano. Warricks muses.

In the Field by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Drabble.

Aftershock by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: How to deal after a surprising event.

I Put A Spell On You by sandersyager
SUMMARY: Nina Simone is not a porn star.

Times Like These by sandersyager
SUMMARY: Time's a luxury they don't have.

About Need by sandersyager
SUMMARY: Angsty sex between Warrick and Greg.

Getting To Me by sandersyager
NOTE: sequal of Times Like These & About Need
SUMMARY: Nick didn't mean to see it.

Nothing Else by sandersyager
SUMMARY: 500 words about black shirts and building a life together.

Easier That Way by sandersyager
PAIRING: Greg/Warrick & implied Nick/Warrick
SUMMARY: It's easier to go home to someone who understands what it is you do all night.

Cracks in the Surface by sandersyager
SUMMARY: Sleep should come easy.

Wrong Turn by xvampirechildx
SUMMARY: Greg's out looking for friends and wanders into the wrong bar...