Jim Brass Stories

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Even Better Than The Real Thing by Valerie
PAIRING: Gil/Nick & pre-slash Jim/Ecklie
SUMMARY: To see the one you hate suffer from the loss of a loved one, is even better than the real thing...

In Joy and Sorrow by Valerie
PAIRING: Gil/Nick & Jim/Eciklie
SEQUAL TO: Even Better Than The Real Thing
SUMMARY: The hard part of any relationship is not getting together, it's getting it right afterwards.

Behind the Mask by Valerie
PAIRING: Nick/Flack, Danny/Mac and a little Jim/Ecklie
WARNINGS: brief meintions of rape, dark-fic
SUMMARY: Nick leaves LV, after the events in "Grave Danger".

Scotched by VicXntric
SUMMARY: Brass wants to know what he did to deserve this.

Things I've Never Told You by darthkel
SUMMARY: Post ep for Stalker.

Jim/Ethan Rayne (Buffy: TVS)
Lethe's Snare by Tara Keezer
WARNINGS: non-con
SUMMARY: All Jim Brass wants is to forget for a while. Unfortunately, he meets someone who can help him do just that.

Some Like It Hot by Jedi Princess Clarrisani
PAIRING: Jim/Tony, Jim/Sofia
SUMMARY: Tony Vartann thought his life was complicated - Jim Brass didn't think it was complicated enough.

Road To Nowhere by Bobbie
PAIRING: Brass/Caine, Jack/Danny
SUMMARY: Horatio suffers a tragic loss and Brass decides he needs a road trip.

Horatio's Secret by Bobbie
PAIRING: Brass/Horatio & mentions Speed/Brass
WARNINGS: AU, Bondage, general Horatio torture, mentions of child abuse.
SUMMARY: Okay, this one is going to deal with the fact that Horatio's been sold too Grissom but their ranks are still the same. Just a different world. Or is it?

Jim/Eric (CSI:LV/CSI:M)
Close Call by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: Written for rounds of kink Eric and Jim need to assure each other they're okay after a case goes horribly wrong. Horatio/Frank Tripp undertones. Kink: Sex against a wall.

Two Coroners Meet At The Hotel Bar by Josette Grover
PAIRING: Ducky/Gibbs(NCIS), Al/Brass
SUMMARY: Two coroners meet in the hotel restaurant/bar after yet another boring lecture and compare notes on their lovers, co-workers, and other aggravations.

Birthday Threesome Trilogy 3: Birthday Present by Tayla
WARNING: Graphic M/M/M sex.
SERIES: First part of a 3-parter Birthday Threesome Trilogy 1: Happy Birthday To Me from Greg's POV and Birthday Threesome Trilogy 2: Birthday Boy from Jim's POV. SUMMARY: Gil joins Jim and Greg for 'breakfast'.

Succumbing to Sander's Seduction by T'Lin
SUMMARY: Greg sets out to seduce the two men in his life.

There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth by T'Lin
PAIRING: Spock/McCoy, Gil/Jim/Greg, Spock/Greg
SUMMARY: While performing routine exams on a remote research facility, Spock and McCoy encounter an unusual group of scientist who have a secret.

Head Cold, part trois by NikkiM
SERIES: Head Cold Nick/Warrick
Head Cold part duex Warrick/Greg
SUMMARY: Warrick's sampling the cough medicine again.

Soy Sorry by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick faces the consequences of his actions.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Mara
SUMMARY: Warrick is making them late for work again.

Outrage, Resistance and Reunion by Mara
NOTE: sequel to Rejection, Temptation and Jealousy & Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
SUMMARY: Gil, Warrick and Jim, finally come up with a solution to their problems.

Sex, Scambled Eggs and More Sex by Mara
SERIES: Part of the Rejection series. Rejection, Temptation and Jealousy, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, and Outrage, Resistance and Reunion
SUMMARY: Gil, Warrick and Jim enjoy a well deserved night off.

Moonlight by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Drabble based upon prompt the Moonlight.

Spotlight by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Drabble based upon the prompt Spotlight.

Who Do You Like? by Joanne Soper-Cook
SUMMARY: Very slashy Jim Brass crack!fic.