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What Are You? by 10th-letter
PAIRING: Greg/everyone and Greg/noone to various degress
SUMMARY: The lab is abuzz about Greg Sanders. Is he or isn't he? Tired of Greg's ambivalence, Mandy and Wendy hatch a plan. Inspired by the Scrubs episode entitled "My Lunch" where Elliot and Carla "figure out" that Dr.Todd is gay when in he reality, he just uses it to get close to the girls but walks off flirting with everyone in the hospital. The last line or so is similar to the last few lines in the Scrubs episode.

A CSI Babies Christmas 2: More Babies by 10th-letter
SUMMARY: Set roughly a year or so after the first CSI Babies story - A CSI Babies Christmas. There are some new faces in the playroom this year. It's not mandatory to read the first one to undertand this one, but I'd be your best friend if you did! (The main CSI cast is 5-7 years old and the guest star is about 17-18).

Limbo by 10th-letter
SUMMARY: Way AU! Say goodbye to the fourth wall! Ever wonder what happens to the characters that disappear from your favorite forensice crime dramas?

Amaris Ethne
Birthday Bash by Amaris Ethne
SUMMARY: It's Nick's birthday and Sara won't let him forget it. When they throw toether a last minute party things get wild.

Coons and hounds and squirrels, oh my! by Amaris Ethne
SUMMARY: Sara fills in in Nick's poker game at a friend's pub. Conversation ranges from Coons to plagues to suction. Pure comedy.

Old Boys Club by amazonqueenkate
SUMMARY: Before rookie Dallas cop Nick Stokes met his veteran partner, everything was different.

Questions (Un)Answered by amazonqueenkate
SUMMARY: It's thirty-seven years before it can be talked about.

Just One Step by amazonqueenkate
SUMMARY: For Nicky, it's just one step between being a man and being a chicken.

Five Things Bobby Dawson Never Did for Jacqui Franco by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 1 of 50
SUMMARY: There are five things Bobby Dawson never did for Jacqui Franco.

Hope Like Ash by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 3 of 50
SUMMARY: Jacqui Franco sits on the roof and smokes with Greg Sanders for reasons she can't tell.

More Than a Week, Less Than a Lifetime by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 6 of 50
SUMMARY: Seven days, several years, one life.

Bridging the Gap by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 7 of 50
SUMMARY: Even if it's not Jacqui's fault, she's standing on the sidewalk with a suitcase and her bus fare.

Rhyme and Reason by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 8 of 50
SUMMARY: Jacqui only sees Sean twice a year, and this is one of those times.

One-Third My True Feelings by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 13 of 50
SUMMARY: There are a number of things that David says and does not say to Jacqui.

There Be Dragons Here by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 14 of 50
SUMMARY: A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys, and the difference between safety and delusion is a half-step the wrong way.

Filling in the Blanks by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 23 of 50
SUMMARY: You can't always get what you want, so you make do instead.

Watch Batteries and Bobby Dawson by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 24 of 50
SUMMARY: Jacqui would have a whole lot less of a problem with Bobby Dawson if she knew him better.

Practiced in the Art by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 29 of 50
SUMMARY: Jacqui's problem has nothing to do with not knowing what she wants.

Does, Doesn't by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 30 of 50
SUMMARY: Jacqui Franco doesn't do relationships. Ever.

Each Life by amazonqueenkate
PAIRING: gen (het)
NOTE: 47 of 50
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written on a plane a month ago. Revised several times. Ignored. Angsted over. And now posted. A bit dark, definitely depressing, and kind of weird.
SUMMARY: There's a rise and fall for each life. This is Jacqui's.

Win-Win Situation by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 49 of 50
SUMMARY: This time, winner takes all.

Welcome To Hell by angstytimelord

Live Through This by angstytimelord
SERIES: 1) Welcome To Hell

Back in the Saddle by angstytimelord

Four Walled World by angstytimelord

A Touchy Subject by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt A4, Money will continue to be a touchy subject.

Victim by angstytimelord

Beautiful Oblivion by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt K6, You need your friends and they need you.

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt L3, Few things will go right.

Criminal Element by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt C1, The last thing you need is more worry.

Everything At Once by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt H15, You'd be wise to focus on deadlines.

Change Myself by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt G14, Act in a more purposeful, productive way.

Jump Right In by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt I5, Be ready to jump in head first.

Opportunity Knocks by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt E3, Look beyond the border of opportunity.

Reach For the Sky by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt A1, You have tough standards.

Finding His Own Niche by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt K4, Decide what you want to achieve.

I Want You by angstytimelord

Painless by angstytimelord
NOTE: Continuation of "I Want You."

Bent by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt "Bent," by Matchbox 20.

Kiss Yourself Goodbye by angstytimelord
NOTE: Continuation of Painless.

Obsession by angstytimelord
NOTE: Continuation of Kiss Yourself Goodbye.

Poison Heart by angstytimelord
NOTE: Continuation of Obsession.

Tuna in the Brine by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series

The Promise by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Invisible Walls by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Time's Up by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

New Kid in Town by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV. Based on prompt: Things are beginning to percolate in your career.

Make A Fresh Start by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
NOTE: This fic is intended as a prequel to the Greg/Ryan series.
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV. Based on prompt: Things are beginning to percolate in your career.

The Other Side of the Mirror by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Search the Stars by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Resolution by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Head On by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SERIES: 1) Make A Fresh Start
NOTE: This fic is intended as a prequel to the Greg/Ryan series.
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV. Based on prompt: Be prepared for what is waiting for you.

No Joke by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Bad Situation by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV. Based on prompt: Use humor as a coping mechanism.

It's Not Unusual by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV.

Waiting For Normal by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV. Based on prompt: Waiting for normal.

No Looking Back by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Ryan Wolfe POV. Based on prompt: #450: Never look back.

Psycho Killer by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Greg POV. Based upon prompt 5: Psycho.

Harlequin by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Greg POV. Based upon prompt 6: Mask.

Cracks in the Veneer by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Greg POV. Based upon prompt 1: Trespass.

In the Spider's Web by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Greg POV. Based upon prompt 8, Paranoia.

To Save A Life by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Greg POV. Based upon prompt 2: Sore. Standalone fic. Spoilers for the S7 episode "Fannysmackin'."

Empty Space by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Greg POV. Based upon prompt 2: Sad. Standalone fic. Spoilers for the CSI: Vegas S9 episode "For Warrick".

No More Distance by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series, dark!fic, minor non-con
SUMMARY: Greg's POV. Based upon prompt 6: Distrust.

Rear View Mirror by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Ryan's POV. Based upon prompt 5: Memory.

I'm on My Way by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series

Banish the Silence by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series, previous non-con
SUMMARY: Greg's POV. Based upon prompt 24: Silence.

Unnerving by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series, previous non-con
SUMMARY: Greg's POV. Based upon prompt 24: Silence.

Macabre Gift by angstytimelord
WARNING: on-going series, previous non-con
SUMMARY: Greg's POV. Based upon prompt 7: Death.

Fresh Out of Lies by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Ryan's POV. One-shot. Spoilers for the CSI: Miami episode "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing."

Funeral For A Friend by angstytimelord
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: Greg's POV on Warrick's death. Stand-alone fic.

Traumatic Experience by angstytimelord
SUMMARY: Ryan's POV. One-shot. Spoilers for the CSI: Miami episode "Blown Away." Based upon the prompt 33: Hurricane.

What He Has To Do by angstytimelord
PAIRING: gen - Ryan
WARNING: on-going series
NOTE: CSI: Miami
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt Family.

Never Enough Time by angstytimelord
PAIRING: gen - Greg
WARNING: on-going series
NOTE: CSI: Vegas

In the Crosshairs by angstytimelord
PAIRING: gen - Greg
WARNING: on-going series
NOTE: CSI: Vegas

Out in the World by angstytimelord
PAIRING: gen - Greg POV
WARNING: on-going series
NOTE: CSI: Vegas
SUMMARY: Sequel to "In the Crosshairs."

Always There by angstytimelord
PAIRING: gen - Greg POV
WARNING: on-going series
NOTE: CSI: Vegas
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 23: Blood.

One Man Dies by anmani
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: This is a friendship fic only! It involves the death of a main character!

Coffee to go by anmani
SUMMARY: Greg, Nick and Vartann answers a call and things doesn't go according to plan.

April May
Probailities by April May
SUMMARY: Greg delivers some unexpected test results to Grissom, who doesn't react well.

Wheel Of Misfortune by AragothwinElfBlade
SUMMARY: Songfic about Danny's view on his life. Set to Wheel Of Misfortune by the Dropkick Murphys.

Fortunes of War by AragothwinElfBlade
SUMMARY: Another Dannycentric interlude based on the Dropkick Murphys song 'The Fortunes of War'. Some violences and references to disturbing imagery.

CSI Goes Deep by Arduinna
SUMMARY: Written as part of the Inappropriate Crossover Challenge of April 2003.

A.S. Kessler
One for the Team by A.S. Kessler
SUMMARY: The team learns what happens when you mess with Tanglewood.

Identity Crisis by A.S. Kessler
SUMMARY: What happens when you lose five days of your life?

Autumn Oak
Lucky Charm by Autumn Oak
SUMMARY: Nick finds a fire antfarm on Grissom's desk after the events of Grave Danger.

Tantalus by Autumn Oak
SUMMARY: Grissom tries to escape.

Harrassment by AzureHart
PAIRING: either gen or Gil/Greg & Gil/Sara depending on how look at it :)
SUMMARY: Response to Scribe's "Take off your clothes" Challenge. The challenge was to use the phrase "Take your clothes off" in any fandom desired. The original challenge was posted on the revengeofthescribescribbles yahoo group.

Christmas Chaos by AzureHart
SUMMARY: Christmas insanity, CSI style. This story was the winner of the Scribes Corner 12 days of Christmas Challenge.

Mullet Boy by AzureHart
SUMMARY: "Stay away from my sister Sanders."

Of Smurfs and Men by AzureHart
SUMMARY: An accident leaves Sara feeling a little 'blue'. Response to an Unbound Improv Challenge. First and last lines given with a thousand word limit.

NyQuil Nightmares by AzureHart
SUMMARY: Strange things happen when Greg has a cold. A response to Peja’s Head Cold Improv challenge. Improv response must contain the following: Head cold, swollen, lounger, stormy, Cancun. Bonus points for: a dream scene.

Only in Vegas by AzureHart
SUMMARY: Nick has a problem with an undercover assignment. Response to an Unbound Improv Challenge. 1st and last lines are given with a 1000 word limit.

Phobia by AzureHart
SUMMARY: Grissom, Sara, and Greg work a scene together. Response to a Unbound Challenge. First and last lines are provided.

Solo resto coi ricordi by babykid528
SUMMARY: Depressingly enough, it’s remarkably similar to how I picture the end of the seventh season’s finale.

The Dark Side by Benny
SUMMARY: What REALLY goes on in Greg's head. He might not be as nice and innocent as you think.

Beverly aka Bev *too*
Comfort by Beverly aka Bev *too*
PAIRING: sort of Gil/Sara...
SUMMARY: Gil has made a mistake...and now he tries to fix it.

Blood Spatter by bichonmom
SUMMARY: The things lawyers will say to try to get their clients off.

Bj Jones
Forensics 101 by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Grissom and his team have to attend a basic Forensics seminar.

Forensics 102 by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Forensic seminar? I thought this was cleared up?

Forensics 103 by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Basic Lab? You've got to be kidding.

Personal Attachments by Bj Jones
WARNINGS: non-con
SUMMARY: A serial rapist is attacking college students. An FBI profiler is called in, but what is her connection to Gil Grissom.

Guardian Angel by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Someone had to watch over them.

Lost and Found by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: A lost son is found...

Trials and Tribulations by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: The sequel to Lost and Found, must read that story to understand what is going on in this one...

Protected by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: She was never alone.

Santa Clause by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Based upon a request for Timothy Speedle and Santa Clause. Okay this is set in the CSI: Hunter series - to recap the one where Speed's a Hunter and comes back to find a demon riding Eric's ass...

Ficlet by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Pairing Request - Sam Winchester and Horatio Caine. The episode Changing Channels so inspired this...

Revenge of the Chess Captain by brat64
SUMMARY: Greg 'reunites' with a bully from his past.

Carina Scott
Hidden in the Dark by Carina Scott
WARNINGS: non-con, child molestation
SUMMARY: A horrible past provides strength for the present.

Stormy Remembrances by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Eric remembers.

Caroline Crane
Untitled by Caroline Crane

Untitled by Caroline Crane
SUMMARY: Speed based ficlet.

Brass by Caroline Crane

Speed Gen Ficlet by Caroline Crane

Bitter Syndrome by cassie_jamie
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: It's bitter syndrome, learning to lose the ones you love.

Flowers for March by Caster
SUMMARY: They're geeks. That's a well known fact. The question is what the crime lab doesn't know about them.

Four Things David Hodges Didn't Do by Caster
SUMMARY: David claims none of this ever happened, but his friends know the truth.

Sun Catcher by Caster

The Diner Wars by Caster

Chapin CSI
Old Sins by Chapin CSI
SUMMARY: Past mistakes come back to haunt Catherine.

A friendly voice by Chapin CSI
SUMMARY: After the Dog Eat Dog case, Greg makes plans for all those weenies he bought, unintentionally teaching Grissom a lesson. Not slash. Spoilers from season 6.

From Grissom by Chapin CSI
SUMMARY: Grissom survives his encounter with McKeen and makes a life-changing decision. An apologetic Greg tries to find out more about it. G&G friendship.

In Envy of Some Greatness by Cheers
SUMMARY: A contemplation of the impact of Gil Grissom.

Ghost by Cheers
SUMMARY: When a member of CSI goes missing, the rest of the team swings into action.

The Reflection by Cheers
SUMMARY: A hint leads to understanding ... perhaps.

Remuneration by Cheers
SUMMARY: What affects one investigator very personally may help solve a case for the rest of the team.

Lean on me by ChocoBetty
SUMMARY: A little story about Stella, set at the end of "All Access" and afterwards. Spoilers for this episode included.

Slow Down by chocolatekiller
SUMMARY: Nick visits Warrick's grave.

The Dangers of Living by Clockstopper
SUMMARY: "It's dangerous."

A Handful of Dandelions by cynevie
SUMMARY: A crime scene connects Danny with his past.

Finding the Hope by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: This is my tribute to 911. What if Mac wasn't the only one on the team who lost someone that day?

Horrible Heat by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: Lindsay+heat+dehydration = a really sick and miserable Lindsay.

Nibbled To Death By Ducks by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: Written for the Author's Choice #146 over at WWOMB. Eric and Horatio find something interesting on one of their cases.

Som man reder. se ligger man by dagdrommer
PAIRING: gen, (het)
SUMMARY: While celebrating Christmas in San Gabriel, Nick and Greg learns how Greg's Grandparents came to leave Norway.

No Strings Attached by Dee
PAIRING: gen with meintions of Gil/Sara & Gil/Nick

Conflict Resolution by dhvana
SUMMARY: Grissom makes amends.

When Tedium Strikes by dhvana
SUMMARY: When things get slow, the CSIs must create their own entertainment.

Tanglewood Ties by eaglesIs40
SUMMARY: Episode tag for Tanglewood. How does Danny explain the statement by Sonny about him knowing all about us.

Cigarettes by Emily
SUMMARY: She sees things in those two.

Emily Brunson
Sanguine by Emily Brunson
WARNING: Cutting
SUMMARY: Nick is haunted by the past.

Melancholic by Emily Brunson
NOTE: Sequal to Sanguine.

Boucenna's Walk by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: Stranded in the desert in high summer, Nick discovers what it takes to survive -- and meets a few friends along the way.

Down to the Ground by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: After "Grave Danger", Gil susses out his place.

Dreamland by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: Post-"Grave Danger", Nick's life has changed.

Enmity by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: Gil starts to suspect that Nick's illness may be something more.

Watcher by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: Post-"Grave Danger", Warrick talks.

Two Wrongs by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: Sequel to Statistic; Nick gets a new start.

Snippet by Emily Brunson
SUMMARY: For dolimir_k, who wanted a convo between Dean and Nick. More SPN folks than CSI on my flist these days, so I chose Dean's POV. For SPN, this is set any nebulous time in the second or third season. For CSI, just anytime before Grissom left, because that's when I left, too. The case is entirely made up on the fly.

Revolution by Emily Brunson
NOTE: Crossover with X-Men movieverse.
SUMMARY: Las Vegas just passed a law saying every city employee has to be tested for mutation -- and someone's about to get outed.

The Gospel of Mary by Emily Brunson
NOTE: Crossover with Millennium.
WARNING: WIP, violence
SUMMARY: Between chasing a serial killer and coping with some strange new abilities, Nick's got a lot on his plate.

Vigilante by Ericalynn
SUMMARY: It wanted revenge and tonight, he agreed with the beast.

Another Life: The Story of Nick Stokes by Ericalynn
SUMMARY: He could feel himself slipping a little more and more with each passing day. Maybe in another life, in another time, he would have been able to stay, but not today. Today, he needed a change.

Coming Home by Ericalynn
WARNING: mentions of non-con
SUMMARY: Sequel to Another Life: The Story of Nick Stokes. He’d done everything to cure it, to make it go away. Everything that is, except to admit that he was the victim.

Amnesia by Ericalynn
SUMMARY: There are just some things we wish we could forget . . .

Evan Nicholas
Word Games by Evan Nicholas
SUMMARY: It's a game he started playing a long time ago.

Step Down by Evan Nicholas
SUMMARY: It's just the job.

All Things Being Equal by Evan Nicholas
SUMMARY: Lab techs and CSIs move in different circles.

How Ecklie Stole Christmas by fawkes21
SUMMARY: Here's my silly holiday tribute to the best show there is!

New Messiah by fawkes21
WARNING: dark!fic, AU
SUMMARY: A devastating crime leaves the CSI's emotionally drained - - and leaves one vulnerable.

Black Plague by fawkes21
WARNING: dark!fic, AU
SERIES: 1) New Messiah

Killing Time by Filter
SUMMARY: Gil never takes a day off because these kinds of horrible, from-the-past things happen to him.

Cover Me by geekwriter
SUMMARY: Warrick's glad he has somebody to watch his back.

Beneath The Skin by gnr_lab_rat
SUMMARY: A suicide like so many others.

Someone's Watching Us by Gregisamazing
NOTE: Probably set back in the third season. After 'Playing with Fire' but before Greg considered becoming a CSI. Pulling a little parody- I've been reading too much Barry Trotter- which is NOT my fault, may I just add.
SUMMARY: They are all getting the feeling that they are being watched.

Heather Exhume
Things I Did as a Kid by Heather Exhume
SUMMARY: There's spam floating around CSI, Nick doesn't think it's that funny.

Most Intertesting by Heather Exhume
SUMMARY: A short snippety story. Crossover with Batman!

Familiar Strangers by Heather Exume
NOTE: CSI:LV & Criminal Minds crossover
SUMMARY: The BAU team from Criminal Minds has a case in Vegas, but how do Reid and Nick know each other?

Lesson Learned by High_Striker
WARNING: Near Character Death, (It's not a surprise if you remember the episode.)
SUMMARY: Grissom realizes he made a serious mistake, and he can only hope that Nick doesn’t have to pay the consequences. Set at the end of the episode Who Are You.

Nicky's got his blue jeans on by HollywoodVegasHottie
PAIRING: genish - Nick/everyone & noone
SUMMARY: Title says it all. Parody on the song "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans on" by Mel McDaniels.

Disclosure Day by JennieM
SUMMARY: On one of the many CSI lists I've just joined to feed my new (and truly pitiable) obsession, a discussion came up as to whether Gris should just 'fess up about his current hearing difficulties, and whether the gang would be upset if they found out on their own. I believed that they might be slightly miffed at being left out of the loop. It was opined that Grissom's staff would never treat him like that.

Burning Memories by Jesika
SUMMARY: Maybe he’s just not cut out for this job. Set after "Spark of Life".

Gun Safety by Jesika
WARNINGS: deals with non-con, suicide, character death
SUMMARY: Some images are harder to get rid of than others, Greg realizes that when he witnesses his first child rape/murder case. Told from Greg's POV.

They call him Mr. Brass by Judge-Douglas-Mason
SUMMARY: A day off in the life of Jim Brass.

Help Me Through the Night by justtopostmyfic
SUMMARY: Hodges sees Nick in hospital with his defenses down. Post-GD.

Pedestal by justtopostmyfic
SUMMARY: post-Stalker. Nick stumbles a little, Grissom comes off his pedestal to lend his aid.

Perfect by Kalimyre
SUMMARY: A missing scene for Still Life, or what happened just after Nick's visitor walked out.

Cross My Mind by karachilovaa14
SUMMARY: Greg listens to the tape Nick recorded in Grave Danger, with unexpected results causing a lapse of uncertainty.

Person by karachilovaa14
SUMMARY: Nick confronts Greg after Sara's departure. Post You Kill Me.

Shattered Trust by Karin
WARNINGS: mentions abuse, non-con
SUMMARY: Overload Post Episode. Catherine's thoughts after Nick reveals his secret.

Fools and Pride by katrinatoc
SUMMARY: Don can see how the perps are all fools.

It's All About Magic by katrinatoc
SUMMARY: Don can see the truth behind the magic.

Say What? by Kimmychu
SUMMARY: Sometimes, the most interesting part of an investigation is the interview. Especially when Danny and Flack get a perp like theirs, who comes from a particular town in Austria. Humor fic!

Dark Days by Kristen999
SUMMARY: Detachment from a case is a necessity. Obsession, however, can be an unavoidable evil. Nick battles his demons during a case of a murdered child.

Kuroi Neko-kun
Pursuing Boredom by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Boredom plus rolling chairs plus Danny Messer equals?

Mass Maggot Murder by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: "That maggot was somebody's daughter. She left behind eight hundred and fifty-six grieving sisters."

The Cookie's Kooky Secret by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Cookies are appearing in the crime lab's break room and no one knows who baked them.

Spirit by Kuroi Neko-kun
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: A meeting that was not supposed to be.

The Boys are Baking by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: The Miami boys get themselves into their toughest challenge yet: Baking.

A Grissom Feast by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: The CSI group has dinner at Grissom's house. Shouldn't they know better after seeing his office?

Bugged by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: (vingette) A lab machine is broken and someone comes to fix it.

Flowers by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: (vignette) Grissom receives flowers.

Again by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: Missing scenes from "The Stalker".

Dawn by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: A Grissom based mood piece.

Double Life by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: The CSIs discover someone they know is leading a double life.

Flowers by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: Grissom receives flowers.

Gone by kyrdwyn
SUMMARY: A CSI leaves the lab.

Untitled by kyrdwyn
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: A short, random "what if" plot that popped into my head one evening.

What's Important by lady529
SUMMARY: What's really important.

Not used to by Ldinka
SUMMARY: Tim and the Miami sun.

Lexi Lou Who
Cotton Eyed Greggo by Lexi Lou Who
SUMMARY: Why is Greg acting so funny and WHAT is with the cowboy getup?

The Sims 2 by lmd2010
SUMMARY: Greg has a new computer game and he's making trouble.

CSI Denuo AU, snippet by Macx
SUMMARY: Anyone remember the incredibly long Denuo AU that started with Magnificent Seven and got CSI, CSI: New York, House and then some series involved? Well, this is a long scene concerning Warrick, what had been planned for him. For anyone who has no clue at all what Denuo is: paranormal AU! Go read it if you're interested. It has a ton of stories and spans fandoms! More Denuo snippets to come! The rest of the Denuo stories can be found on the Gil/Nick - M authors page.

CSI Denuo AU, snippet II by Macx
SUMMARY: This was me playing around with Nick's powers. I had this crazy idea and just went with it, writing just the scenes I had in mind. Sadly, I could never use it in the series. The rest of the Denuo stories can be found on the Gil/Nick - M authors page.

Never Fail Them by Marabella
SUMMARY: My take on what goes through Nicks head before he enters the bunker. Some spoilers for "Shooting Stars".

The mess you're in by Mary
SUMMARY: Theme Set 2, Prompt 1(Blood Sweat and Tears).

Michelle K.
Another Funeral by Michelle K.
SUMMARY: A defining moment in Sara's life.

Pale Ghost (of the Past) by Michelle K.
SUMMARY: He sees her sometimes.

Superbowl by Michmak
SUMMARY: The CSI's get together to watch the Superbowl, and a fun conversation ensues.

Monday Night by Michmak
SUMMARY: It's a Monday night, and the crew is trying to watch TV in the breakroom.

Animated Conversation by Michmak
PAIRING: gen, with very brief meintions of Gil/Sara
SUMMARY: Warrick, Nick and Greg babysit Lyndsey one slow night at the lab.

Untitled by michigangirl30
NOTE: spoliers for A Bullet Runs Through It Part 1 & 2.

Once in a Lullaby by mickeylover303
SUMMARY: Greg didn't stop fires anymore. He created them.

Under My Umbrella by mickeylover303
PAIRING: Ryan/Greg friendship
SUMMARY: A young Ryan discovers sunshine comes on rainy days, too.

Wandering Heights by mickeylover303
PAIRING: Ryan/Greg friendship
SUMMARY: It was just one of those days.

The Saturday After Friday by mickeylover303
PAIRING: Ryan/Greg friendship
SUMMARY: When you're twelve, you're twelve and despite experience, you do things anyway.

Short Two and a Half Sundaes and with a Split by mickeylover303
PAIRING: Ryan/Greg friendship
SUMMARY: Because they couldn't afford anything else, never mind toppings.

Escape into the Music by mickeylover303
SUMMARY: And sometimes you only need to be yourself.

Omenare Imperavi Ameno by mickeylover303
SUMMARY: Once upon a time there was a little boy.

Phases by mickeylover303
PAIRING: hints of het in some parts, other straight gen
FANDOMS: CSI, Digimon, Supernatural, Psych, One Piece, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Naruto
SUMMARY: It all seems like one really, and I mean really bad crossover, but it's actually not.

Have No Fear by mickeylover303
SUMMARY: For Sam and Dean, it was nothing out of the ordinary. But Greg wouldn't understand his connection to it until later, and Nick was somewhat lost in the scheme of supernatural events.

Some Kind of Discrepancy by mickeylover303
SUMMARY: Something told Greg to ignore Grissom calling him at four in the morning.

Everything Must Change by Missa
SUMMARY: (Nick's POV) After Nick is rescued from being burried alive, he hopes things will return to normal. Soon he will learn that what had happened has changed everything, and he doesn't know if things will ever go back to the way they used to be.

Slipping Away by Missa
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: It's not a murder, not a suicide, but a natural cause death... one that will soon cause major problems for one of the CSI's.

M J Azilem
Ties: the ones that bind by M J Azilem
SUMMARY: Things are connected. This is a meeting of a young Mac and a young Danny. the year is 1985 and 12 year old Danny meets Mac in central park. NOT SEXUAL.

Monkey Dom
An Old Photo by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Horatio finds an old Photo and thinks of his little brother.

A Slow Sort of Hell by NDV
SUMMARY: A glimpse into the background of one of our beloved female CSIs... involves cocaine, alcohol, child molestation, and a few other things...

Close To You by nicky69
SUMMARY: A little glimpse into Nigel's mind during "Stalker".

Perspective by nicky69
SUMMARY: Perspective is a strange thing, don't you think so?...

The Female of the Species by nicky69
WARNINGS: child abuse, non-con
SUMMARY: Nick Stokes is not afraid of the dark...

So Shines a Good Deed by nicky69
SUMMARY: An act of kindness and compassion touches the heart of one of our CSI's.

First Encounter by nicky69
SUMMARY: For Gil Grissom it was love at first sight.

Salvation in a Soapsud by nicky69
SUMMARY: Sometimes in the most unexpected of places we are lucky enough to meet a special someone who changes our lives irrevocably for the better.

The Blessed Night by nicky69
SUMMARY: How does one recover from the terrible events that took place in Grave Danger? This is one alternative way for Nick to regain his equilibrium.

You Never Forget by nicky69
WARNING: This story deals with the aftermath of child abuse. There are no descriptions of the act, however if the subject matter distresses you please do not read it.
SUMMARY: In every life there are defining events. For a moment we see things with crystal clarity and our world is forever altered.

The Road Not Taken by nicky69
WARNINGS: Death of a canon/major character. Mention of sucide. Angst.
SUMMARY: AU. One possible outcome from the babysitter ordeal in Nicks past.

There Will Be Justice by nicky69
SUMMARY: Squatting beside the, as yet unidentified victim, Gil Grissom sets his kit down beside him and takes a moment to study the scene.

Shades of Red by nixa_jane
SUMMARY: Nick deals with the job, he just doesn't always do it well.

Riddle Me This by nixa_jane
SUMMARY: And so you lean back and you say, "Repeat after me, silk, silk, silk."

Skeletons by nixa_jane
SUMMARY: It used to be he wanted to help people.

Stop My Heart by nixa_jane
SUMMARY: He missed his attics. There was no one in this place worth watching.

Shaded by nixa_jane
SUMMARY: It will take more than a riddle to fix this.

Victimology by nixa_jane
SUMMARY: The funny thing was, of course, that he still didn't expect it.

Speed Trap by Oouga
WARNINGS: character death, AU
SUMMARY: When Miami, Dade loses one of its own, it effects more than just Horatio’s team. The repercussions can be felt as far away as even New York City.

Perpetual Motion
Clarification by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Post-ep drabble for "Big Middle".

Not a HERO by PsychoticScam
WARNINGS: character death, AU
SUMMARY: He see's himself as a faulire the complete opposite of a hero. Character Death. Angst. AU.

The World At Large by rivensky
SUMMARY: A little Greg and Hodges piece.

Painful Journeys by robinyj69
PAIRING: gen, Nick/Greg friendship
WARNINGS: violence
SUMMARY: What should have been a normal day for Nick and Greg turns into a painful journey involving friendship, understanding, and violence when past enemies return looking to finish what they started. Friendship piece only.

Thoughtless Consequences by robinyj69
SUMMARY: "You infected me with mildew?" - The unseen repercussions of Grissom's experiment on Greg in "Seller Beware".

Losing Perspective by robinyj69
SUMMARY: "It should have been completely safe," Nick said. But if that was true, then why had Greg gotten hurt? Greg angst.

What It's Worth by robinyj69
PAIRING: gen, Nick/Greg friendship
WARNINGS: violence
SUMMARY: Nick and Greg find themselves in a desperate situation when two criminals leave something behind at a crime scene. Something they want back at all costs.

For Warrick by rowandaze
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: This is something he has to do alone.

Sandra Solaria Dees
Synonymous by Sandra Solaria Dees
SUMMARY: Those of us who hated Ecklie before Grave Danger have had a paradigm shift.

For The Longest Time by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Hate begets hate.

Grayscale by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: He's color-blind until now.

Signs by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Similarities by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Conrad Ecklie has one regret.

Picture Perfect by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: A picture hides a thousand scars.

Countdown by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Nick's burial incident, through the eyes of the lab technicians.

Nine by sarcasticsra
WARNING: Mentions of molestation.
SUMMARY: Should vs. is.

Hate by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Hodges really can't stand the graveyard shift. Really.

The Five Stages Of Grief by sarcasticsra
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: AU. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Blood by sarcasticsra
WARNINGS: violence/abuse
SUMMARY: The first time Gil remembers seeing blood.

Greg by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Greg was enthusiastic.

Taste by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Some people have horrible taste.

Nature by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Nick loves nature.

Favorite by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: There are reasons we have favorite colors.

Bruises by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Bruises vs. scars.

Angel by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Why couldn't she be an angel?

Cool by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Warrick is cool.

Villian by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Get a new bad guy.

Cruel by sarcasticsra
SUMMARY: Color has never been so cruel.

Scooter Kitty
Grave Consequences by Scooter Kitty
SUMMARY: Nick struggles to cope post Grave Danger. Yes, I know it's been done, but not by me.

Lunch Doom by Scribe
WARNINGS: Death fic
SUMMARY: Sara should have outgrown this in gradeschool...

Paranoid Walking by sephirothflame
SUMMARY: With only the sound of his clock, he checks all the locks and windows once an hour, every hour. Why? Because he was paranoid in the dark.

Shacky20 and Kristen999
Reclaiming Life by Shacky20 and Kristen999
SUMMARY: The Team try to help Nick recover after his abduction and move on, (Grave Danger). Little does anyone know the true ramifications of this traumatic experience. Goes from the events in the episode to the days and weeks afterwards. This is a Nick-Greg-Warrick Friendship. There is drama, angst and even humor.

Sheryl Martin/Nantus
Temptations by Sheryl Martin/Nantus
SUMMARY: Some things are always lurking in the darkness...

Bugsy's by Sheryl Martin/Nantus
SUMMARY: An outside view.

It's Okay Mommy by Shika.Tot
SUMMARY: In Lady Heather's Box when Catherine goes back to work Lindsey goes home. A short story about Lindsey.

The Autumn Queen by Silverwind

spark fanfic
Stars in a Private Movie by spark fanfic
PAIRING: gen & past Cath/Eddie
SUMMARY: Five things that never happened to Catherine Willows.

Cold Comfort by spark fanfic
SUMMARY: Nick. Almost an out of body experience. A lousy Christmas card.

Amongst the Living by *bright
SPOILERS: 6.12 Daddy's Little Girl
SUMMARY: Some post-ep musings from Nick.

Rescue by *bright
SUMMARY: Sara's world is rattled.

Letter To A Baby Girl by StarrySkies
SUMMARY: It's the only connection she's ever had to someone she's never known.

Advent Calendar (December 11): Secret Santa by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Mac is getting gifts. Very mild, vague spoilers for "The Thing About Heroes...".

Enough by stokesgirl
WARNINGS: character death(?)
SUMMARY: This story was written for challenge #7 in the Nick Song Fic challenge over at TalkCSI. You are to write a story, based on the lyrics of a song, and the story can be no more the 2500 words. The song this time was "It Was An Accident" by Don Conoscenti. Nick takes a walk along Fremont Street and something unexpected happens, which makes Nick realize he's had enough!

Dear Nick by stokesgirl
SUMMARY: It has always bothered me that Grissom won't tell Nick how he feels. He has always rode Nick hard as a CSI, but I'm still waiting for Grissom to say something nice to Nick. Like telling Warrick, he's the rock. Anyways, I know what I'd like to hear Grissom say so this is it.

This Man by stokesgirl
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about a man.

Latecomer by Stronghold
SUMMARY: Aiden reflects the last year, and she's not very pleased.

Tabby X
There Once was a Lab Rat Named Greg by Tabby X
SUMMARY: Poetry. Or Why Greg Should Not Be Left Alone in the Lab with Several Spare Pens.

I Feel That I'm Falling by Tabby X
SUMMARY: A horrible incident as seen from several points of view. (Takes place after "Inside The Box", so Grissom's still absent. Sorry if that confused anyone!)

Last Voice: A Concerto by Tabby X
SUMMARY: One Greg Sanders has a secret.

Tara Keezer
Interrogation by Tara Keezer
SUMMARY: CSI:LV and Buffy cross-over.

Dawn of the Dead by Tara Keezer
SUMMARY: CSI:LV and Buffy cross-over.

Family by Tara Keezer
SUMMARY: All Bobby Dawson wants is to comfort and protect his daughter.

Caldwell by Tara Keezer
SUMMARY: Bug guys don't do cats.

Bad Moon Rising in Vegas by Tara Keezer
SUMMARY: There were these guys, and then there were these other guys...

Interview by Tara Keezer
SERIES: 1) Lab Work
SUMMARY: In an alternate universe, crime labs are privately owned, and nonviolent offenders pay their debt to society as indentured servants. David Hodges could feel himself starting to sweat.

November Afternoon by Tayla
SUMMARY: Gil reflects on the past.

Those Left Behind by Terabithia
WARNINGS: character death, suicide
SUMMARY: Horatio's thoughts on the events of "Lost Son".

Lost by the-slash-hound

Tiffany F
Shirts by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: After Speed's death he is given a choice. But over the years it drives him crazy as he watches his team work and he finally decided to try and do something about it.

This Time It's Different by Trashy
SUMMARY: Warrick thinks about his actions and feelings. His POV takes place after Holly Gribbs death.

Grissom's Tremors by TresMaxwell
SUMMARY: An entire town has gone missing and Grissom and his team intend to find out why, but the murders haven't ended yet...

Twelve Things Nick Stokes Didn't Do by VicXntric
SUMMARY: See title. Not a happy ficlet.

It's Raining Cats and Dogs by WiccanWitch
SUMMARY: "I died but then I came back, just not the way I would have like."

Circuit by Wintertime
NOTE: Spoilers for "Who Are You?", although this story is an AU ending for it
SUMMARY: In which there is a circuitous conversation, Nick receives the absolute minimum, and Grissom would rather not be grateful.