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Threading the Conch by Buffy
SUMMARY: Warrick makes some discoveries about Grissom, with a little help.

On Iolaus' Grave by Buffy
SEQUEL TO: "Threading the Conch"
SUMMARY: Come home with your shield or on it.

This is Dedicated to the One I Love by Buffy
SUMMARY: I heard you on the wireless back in 52, lying awake intent on tuning in on you.

I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song by Buffy
SEQUEL TO: This Is Dedicated to the One I Love
SUMMARY: I don't care what they say, what do they know about this love anyway?

Thanks for Small Favours by Buffy
SUMMARY: post Grave Danger. A potluck Thanksgiving for the team, with humorous garnish for the turkey.

Bold Enterprise by Buffy
SUMMARY: Halloween in Las Vegas.

Carina Scott
Sick by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil is sick, Warrick makes it better.

The Grieving Process by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick get's bad news.

The Truth by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: The truth behind Warrick's narriage to Tina.

Love is for Losers by Carina Scott
WARNINGS: partner betrayal
SUMMARY: Sometimes love is a gamble.

Too Little, Too Late by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil comes to a realization, but he may be too late.

Because I Do by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick questions Gil's reasons for loving him.

Bring Me To Life by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: In response to the Fallen 'Song-Fic' Challenge.

Ercia by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil reflects on the loves of his life.

Eternal Love by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: "I would rather live and love where death is king than have eternal life where love is not." ~ Robert Green Ingersoll

A Love Lost by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil realizes too late just how much Warrick loves him.

Better Than Coffee by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil gets a wake up call.

Abandon Ship by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: If you are in a sinking ship, do you save yourself or go down with it?

From the Mouth of Babes by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Sara learns the truth from the most unusual source.

The Perfect Alibi by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Someone attempts to murder Warrick.

The Blind Date by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: How Warrick and Gil became a couple.

Sharing by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil and Warrick discuss the joys of sharing.

Impatience is a Virtue by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: "He who is not impatient is not in love" ~ Italian Proverb ~

I am Ready by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick needs to hear 3 little words, is Gil ready to say them?

D is for Daddy by Carina Scott
WARNING: mpreg
SUMMARY: Gil has questions, Warrick's got answers.

Eternal Happiness by Carina Scott
WARNINGS: character death & suicide fic
SUMMARY: Warrick's world shattered with the doctor's ominous words.

Asking For Forever by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: A bit of confusion leads to a surprising revelation.

Unfaithful by Carina Scott
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick, other
SUMMARY: He knew it was wrong, yet he couldn't stop.

Party Animal by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Dr. Gilbert Grissom doesn't do parties.

Crying Eyes by Carina Scott
NOTE: Takes place in my Erica 'verse.
SUMMARY: Gil tries to make amends for a broken promise.

Closets by Carina Scott
PAIRING: Nick/Warrick (Warrick/Gil past)
SUMMARY: Nick helps his lover in the aftermath of a painful revelation.

We Enlightened Few by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick thinks that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Confrontations by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Sara returns and demands answers.

You Can Lean On Me by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick spirals into depression after a devastating loss. Gil brings him out of it.

Sweet Surrender by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick surrenders everything to Gil.

Finders Keepers by Carina Scott
PAIRING: Warrick/Gil, Warrick/Tina (mentioned), Gil/Original Character (Alex LeBlanc)
SUMMARY: Changes abound and both Warrick and Gil must learn to live with them.

Pouting by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick pouts. Gil plots. Everyone wins.

Close Call by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil makes an accusation, but he's not the only one dealing with the fall-out.

The Invitation by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil takes a chance.

Frozen Confessions by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: A life or death situation brings about a revelation.

Taking Care of Gil by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick takes care of his man.

Adorable by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gil unwind at the end of a long day.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Warrick does as the title suggests.

Hope Blooms by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: The culmination of a dream.

The Small Things by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Gil notices and takes comfort in the little things.

Failure by Carina Scott
NOTE: part of the parenthood 'verse series
SUMMARY: Gil feels like a failure.

Weird by Carina Scott
NOTE: part of the parenthood 'verse series
SUMMARY: Warrick is baffled.

Touch by Carina Scott
NOTE: part of the parenthood 'verse series
SUMMARY: Gil reflects about his beard.

Taste by Carina Scott
NOTE: part of the parenthood 'verse series
SUMMARY: Warrick learns to listen.

Smell by Carina Scott
NOTE: part of the parenthood 'verse series
SUMMARY: Warrick/Gil experience their first dirty diaper.

Sight by Carina Scott
NOTE: part of the parenthood 'verse series
SUMMARY: Warrick reflects on the advantages of sight.

At First Blush by carinascott
SUMMARY: People think they know Warrick, but only one person truly knows him.

Be Thankful by carinascott

Realization by carinascott
SUMMARY: Gil is hurt in an explosion and looks for his lover in the aftermath.

The Truth of Hidden Secrets by carinascott
SUMMARY: A case gets to Warrick, and he takes his frustration out on Gil. He is hiding a painful secret, has been hiding it for years. Can Warrick share his secret with Gil? Can Gil handle it?

Nothing to See Here, Just Sex by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: What it says on the tin.

Can't by CPWatcher
SUMMARY: Gil adjusts his life choices.

Substitute by CPWatcher
SUMMARY: Valentine PWP, Chocolate tastes good?

Sex on Steel 2 by CPWatcher
SERIES: Sex on Steel
PAIRING: Warrick/Gil, Warrick/Brass, Warrick/Doc Robbins
WARNINGS: Implied non-con and violence, but nothing graphic.
SUMMARY: Gil finds out about Warrick and Doc Robbins and a whole lot more.

It's Just Another New Year's Fic by CPWatcher
PAIRING: CSI: Las Veags - Gil/Warrick & Gil/Sara, CSI: Miami - Tim/Horatio & Horatio/Ylena, CSI: New York - Danny/Mac & Mac/Peyton
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNINGS: Every couple of years I write a New Years' fic which I try to make as fandom non-specific as I can. Sort of an `insert your favorite pairing/character name here' piece. I've tried it again this year only with a longer piece with the fandom and pairings listed in the notes in the fic. Personally I think it works well in many of them, but might be a bit of a stretch in one or two, you be the judge. Hopefully, you'll suspend your imagination enough to enjoy the tale.
SUMMARY: The year in a life.

Love You into the New Year, A Multi-fandom (kinda) story by CPWatcher
PAIRING: CSI-Gil Grissom/Warrick Brown; CSI:NY-Mac Taylor/Danny Messer; CSI:MI-Horatio Caine/Tim 'Speed' Speedle; NCIS-Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo; Numb3rs-Don Eppes/Charlie Eppes
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNINGS: I wanted to write a little something in all my fandoms but RL would only allow me to write one story. So I present for your perusal this mutli-fandom piece of PWP. Insert the appropriate pairing from above. Hell, put in your own pairing. Kick back and enjoy. Incest, if you read using the Numb3rs pairing.
SUMMARY: A multi fandom holiday fic.

Ritual Cleansing by EbIv
SUMMARY: Gil's bad day has a much better ending .

Double Blind by EbIv
SUMMARY: Gil is clueless.Or is he really?Warrick isn't sure, and the uncertainty is causing a rift in their relationship.

Recriminations by EbIv
SERIES: Sequel to Double Blind
SUMMARY: Warrick reflects on the cutting power of words.

Ramifications by EbIv
SERIES: Sequel to Double Blind and Recriminations
SUMMARY: Can Gil forgive Warrick's very public outburst? And just how unfounded were Rick's suspicions regarding Sara?

Thanksgiving Memories by EbIv
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gris have a lot to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

Gambling With Your Life by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: AU/Warrick is a gambler at a poker game accsued of murdering one of the player. When Gil proves his innocence, Warrick takes him out to dinner to thank him.

Walking a Thin Line by Esynnaj
WARNINGS: violence
SUMMARY: Under what circumstances would Gil comfort Warrick?

Back to Life and Reality III by Esynnaj
PAIRING: Warrick/Nick/Catherine, Warrick/Grissom
SERIES: Back to Life and Reality, Back to Life and Reality II and Back to Life and Reality IV
SUMMARY: The healing has begun and is almost done. Now it's time to have a little serious fun.

Back to Life and Reality IV by Esynnaj
PAIRINGS: Nick/Catherine/Warrick, Gil/Lady Heather, Gil/Warrick
SERIES: Back to Life and Reality, Back to Life and Reality II and Back to Life and Reality III
SUMMARY: The wheels on the beds go round and round all through the town...

Cinnamon Surroundings by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Grissom compensates for the loss of one sense by an increase in the usage of others.

Easy Like Sunday Morning by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gil indulge in some sexual Sunday morning competition.

Loving a Man in Uniform by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Sometimes the past catches up with the present and makes the future better.

Pschoanalysis at Lady Heather's Box by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Grissom learns more than he wished to know about self-actualization.

Silent, Secret, Sacred Sounds by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Gil, like Frank Sinatra, does it his way.

The Rhythms of Love and The Chaos of Hate by Esynnaj
WARNINGS: meintions of rape and child abuse
SUMMARY: It'll take the varying rhythms of love to rid Grissom and Warrick's world of the fiery chaos of a lingering hatred.

Waiting for Gil to Get Home by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Warrick tries to get back "home" to Gil while Gil gets back home to him.

Cheating Hearts by Esyannaj
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick & Gil/OFC
SUMMARY: Grissom has an affair.

Waltzin' Matilda by Esynnaj
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick & Gil/OFC
WARNINGS: rape, non-con, het
SEQUAL OF: Cheating Hearts
SUMMARY: Matilda has taken Gil and Warrick wants him back.

Creepy Crawlies by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Grissom's love of all things from the land of reptiles bugs Warrick.

Trip to Reaffirmation by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Grissom seeks to undo the hurt he's put on Warrick.

Music of Love by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Grissom finds the classic beat of his heart perfectly matches the jazzy beat of another.

Music of Love II by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Warrick finds the jazzy beat of his heart perfectly matches the classic beat of another.

PWP by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Grissom decides to come up a winner and Warrick decides to show him exactly what he's won.

Round Table Discussion by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: The team agreeing to disagree.

Round Table Discussion II by Esynnaj
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick, Warrick/Tina
SUMMARY: Sometimes, the corner Gil works himself into isn't the one he really wants.

Round Table Discussion III by Esynnaj
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick, Warrick/Tina
SUMMARY: Gil finally gets out of that corner he had backed himself into.

Round Table Discussion IV by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: The kings of the jungle step back while the CSI lionesses show their claws to protect the sanctity of the pride.

Round Table Discussion V by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Complications, complications and a few more complications.

Black Gold and Crimson Steel by Esynnaj
NOTE: Is the 6th story in the "Round Table Discussion" series
SUMMARY: How far will you go to protect those you love?

Round Table Discussion VI by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Warrick has many attributes.

A Sophisticated Walk on the Wild Side by Esynnaj
SUMMARY: Grissom holds his personal business close to the vest. But he also holds Warrick there and invites Warrick to walk with him to explore the secrets he has.

Julian Lee
Outside the Box by Julian Lee
SUMMARY: Warrick finds a gift.

Outside the Box: Director's Cut by Julian Lee
SUMMARY: How can one tiny box cause so much upheaval?

The Chronologists by Julian Lee
SUMMARY: "Invisible Evidence" post-ep. "Not even you can stop time." -Warrick to Gil, "Invisible Evidence."

Because I Told You So by juneprota
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick
SUMMARY: Gil doesn't believe him.

Little Eva
Possive by Little Eva
SUMMARY: Warrick turns into Jim from "28 Days Later".

What Goes Around by Mara
SUMMARY: This is from Tonya's response for getting rid of sara. I really liked it and thought it would be funny to write it. Sara gets drunk and ends up in bed with Ecklie.

Better Off Dead by Mara
SUMMARY: Warrick has a bad nightmare.

Unbreak My Heart by Mara
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick, Gil/Sara, Jim/Warrick, implied Nick/Greg
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gil are dating. Gil is also dating Sara unbeknownst to Warrick. Sara knows about Warrick and does everything in her power to oust Warrick. It works and now Warrick is heartbroken, alone and depressed. Someone notices and takes matters into his own hands. How will it all play out?

Sara, Who? by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil gets an unexpected visitor.

Pride and Prejudice by Mara
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick & Nick/Greg
SUMMARY: This is the re-telling of Jane Austen's classic novel, staring the cast of CSI.

What Was I Thinking by Mara
PAIRING: Gil/Sara & Gil/Warrick
SUMMARY: Gil has a real nightmare.

Be My Eternal Valentine by Mara
SUMMARY: Life keeps messing up Warrick and Gil's Valentine's Day plans. This takes place shortly after Ghostly Admirer.

Breaking Point by Mara
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gil have a fight, then Warrick gets attacked at work, Gil feels guilty and tries to make it up to Warrick.

Rejection, Temptation and Jealousy by Mara
SUMMARY: Warrick attempts a relationship with Gil, but gets nowhere. He gets some unexpected comfort, from an unlikely source.

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory by Mara
NOTE: sequel to Rejection, Temptation and Jealousy
SUMMARY: Gil & Warrick become a couple. Jim's hurt and depressed. Warrick feels bad for him.

Ghostly Admirer by Mara
SUMMARY: Halloween Special, Warrick gets some ghostly attention.

Paperwork or Sex, Difficult Choice by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil hates paperwork, so Warrick creates a diversion.

The Road Less Traveled by Mara
SUMMARY: Warrick works night shift to help out. He and Gil go for a ride!

Over Coming Fear by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil is afraid to get involved with Warrick, but reconsiders.

Eyes Wide Open by Mara

Full Moon Over Vegas by Mara
SUMMARY: The boys are acting strange; and it's freaking Warrick out.

*Something* at First Sight by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil meets Warrick for the first time.

Willpower by Mara

Fore-play by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil is impatient to get the fore-play over.

Merry Chirstmas, Baby by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil gets demanding and Warrick is more than happy to oblige.

Shopping Spree by Mara
SUMMARY: Gil goes shopping.

Fighting Evil With Good by nancy
SUMMARY: Warrick helps Grissom after the disturbing encounter with Walter Darian.

Fighting Evil With Good 2 by nancy
SERIES: Fighting Evil With Good
SUMMARY: Warrick brings Gil to someone who can help put his mind at ease.

Fighting Evil With Good 3 by nancy
SERIES: Fighting Evil With Good, Fighting Evil With Good 2
SUMMARY: Gil and Warrick have a disagreement and Gil meets the in-laws, much to his dismay.

After by nancy
SUMMARY: Warrick reassures Grissom that he's loved after Nick's abduction.

Explanations by nancy
SUMMARY: Gil and Warrick have a revealing discussion in bed.

A Degree of Comfort by Nicci
SUMMARY: Evidence can be a doubled-edge sword and Gil gets a dose of that sharp edge. S1 Friends and Lovers Post-Ep story.

The Sixth Day by Nicci
SUMMARY: Gil's day out with Warrick.

Promise by Nicci
SUMMARY: A bit of spoiler for 1st season episode 'Friends and Lovers.' Previous relationship established. Gil is upset. Warrick tries to solve the problem.

First Day by Nicci
PAIRING: one-sided Gil/Warrick
SUMMARY: Warrick's first day.

Secrets by Nicci
PAIRING: implied Nick/Gil and Warrick/Gil

Soul Heart by Nicci
SUMMARY: Decisions, Decisions. AU.

High Maintenance by Nicci
SUMMARY: Last night, something had changed and he wasn't exactly sure of the meaning. Post ep story to "Turn Of The Screws".

Red by Nicci
PAIRING: pre-slash Gil/Warrick
SUMMARY: Grissom and Warrick in the Lab. Based on 1st season, when Grissom was minus the beard and moustache.

Untitled by Nuwoman
SUMMARY: Grisson comes back to an empty house.

CSI TLC by Paradise4writin and Mystic
SUMMARY: Gil is overly exhausted and Warrick helps him out.

Sweet Child of Mine by Paradise4writin
SUMMARY: Warrick decides to take in a child after his parents are the victims of a murder Warrick is handling.

Paradise4writtin & Mystic
Warrick's Dilemma by Paradise4writin and Mystic
WARNINGS: mpreg. SUMMARY: Warrick had a dilemma.

Perpetual Motion
Good Job by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: After court. (Post-ep for "Invisible Evidence")

Shelley Russel
Inclined Chest Press by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 01
SUMMARY: Warrick pursues, Grissom succumbs.

Leg Extensions by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 02
SUMMARY: Warrick explores the role of protector and catapults Grissom out of his comfort zone and into the Brown family Christmas party.

Crunches by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 03
SUMMARY: Warrick learns to trust his friends; Grissom learns what an equal relationship entails; and Nick learns that pigs can fly.

Cardio by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 04
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gris take a road trip and find their way home.

Free Weights Fly by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 05
SUMMARY: Two men, a couch, a 'green-eyed monster,' good advice, and a fabulous dinner.

Cross Training by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 06
SUMMARY: Digger bees, softball, the Sphinx, a realization, and a homerun.

Stretches by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 07
SUMMARY: Warrick dons shining armor; Nick gives good advice; Grissom asks for what he needs.

Overhead Press by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 08
SUMMARY: Don't you ever give up. Don't you ever give in.

Poker Night by Shelley and Byron Russell
SERIES: Working Out 09
SUMMARY: Time for the LVPD crime lab semi-regular monthly poker game with Jim Brass, Warrick Brown, Sofia Curtis, Nick Stokes, and, standing in for Dr. Albert Robbins, Dr. Gil Grissom.

The Dance All by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 10
SUMMARY: Grissom and the god of love, Warrick and the worst dancer ever, and one very surprised CSI.

The Old Ball Game by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 11
SUMMARY: Candles in the dark, softball in the park, Gris and Tina fight, Warrick makes it right. For now.

Philadelphia Story by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 12
SUMMARY: Separated by a continent, Warrick and Gris still grow closer.

To Be Real by Shelly Russell
SERIES: Working Out 13
SUMMARY: Warrick learns what it means to be a real man.

A Matter of Trust by Shelley Russell
NOTE: Number 14 in the 'Working Out' series.

Working Out 15: Three Men in a Car . . . not to mention the dog by Shelley Russell
SERIES: Working Out 15
SUMMARY: Warrick and Gil take a recovering Nick home to Dallas for his parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Freedom by Sonia
SUMMARY: Warrick needs to find peace of mind. He'll only find it in the truth.

Color of Love by Sparechange1224
SUMMARY: Song-fic from Gil's POV.

Thoughts by Spikewil
SUMMARY: Sara finally gets she's never going to get Grissom. POV Sara.

Mistletoe by Spikewil
PAIRING: Warrick/Gil & David/Greg & Catherine/Sara
SUMMARY: Ecklie wasn't sure what he was expecting, but that wasn't it.

Stacy L.A. Stronach
Distraction by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Snippet wherein Gil thinks about Warrick.

Leaving Las Vegas by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Gil runs away, Warrick runs after him. Does he catch him?

Meeting by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Gil and Warrick hook up in a bar. Good things ensue.

Playing Favourites by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Sara wants to know why Warrick is Gil's favourite CSI.

Suprise (or it's a not so happy birthday) by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Anti-Sara Sidle story. Sara misreads Gil and ends up embarrassing herself.

Tied by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Catherine isn't the only one who knows how to tie a bow tie.

The Truth by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Anti Sara Sidle story. Those who eavesdrop rarely hear anything good.

Overheard by Stacy L. A. Stronach
SUMMARY: "Yeah, I tell him, he doesn't want me, I end up being the gay Sara."

Broken by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt #071 Broken.

Tribble Trabble by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: barely Gil/Warrick
NOTE: CSI: Las Veagas/Star Trek cross-over
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt #077 What?

Lonesome by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt #092:Christmas.

First impressions by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: pre-slash Gil/Warrick
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 001 Beginnings.

Push by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: pre-slash Gil/Warrick & Warrick/Tina
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 034 Not Enough.

Can't Handle It by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: pre-slash Gil/Warrick & Warrick/Tina & implied Grissom/Lady Heather
SUMMARY: Gil seeks comfort after Warrick's marriage.

Like Sunshine and rain by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: pre-slash Gil/Warrick & Warrick/Tina & implied Grissom/Lady Heather
WARNING: death of secondary character
SUMMARY: This starts about a year after Warrick got married. Warrick becomes a father but tragedy strikes! *gasp*

Moving on by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: pre-slash Gil/Warrick & past Warrick/Tina
SUMMARY: The days following Tina's death.

Slipping away by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: Gil/Warrick
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 030: Death.

Fallen Angel by 3Jane
SUMMARY: A murder, a secret life and a friend. Will the new case only mess up Warrick's life?

Angeldust by 3Jane
SUMMARY: The team must solve the reason for a massacre at a club.

When Angels Travel by 3Jane
SUMMARY: Warrick's well deserved vacation. Warrick's POV.

The Conversation by vampfire
SUMMARY: Grissom overhears something.

One Rough Night by vampfire
SUMMARY: Something happens on Warrick's night off.

Submission by vampfire
WARNINGS: mild D/s and B&D
SUMMARY: Lady Heather finally figures out what Grissom really needs.

Marcus by vampfire
SUMMARY: My take on the Warrick-and-Grissom-raising-a-kid challenge.

Marcus Meets the Lab by vampfire
SUMMARY: Gratuitous sequel to "Marcus" because the kid just wouldn't leave me alone.

Marcus: My Family by vampfire
SUMMARY: Sequel to "Marcus" and "Marcus Meets the Lab." Closure for everyone... eventually.

Tapping by Wheretheskykissesthesea
SUMMARY: Grissom wakes up.

YS McCool
Touched by YS McCool
SUMMARY: A post-action massage brings surprises.

Kissed by YS McCool
SEQUEL: Touched
SUMMARY: Now that they've touched, kissing is inevitable.

Explored by YS McCool
SEQUEL: Touched & Kissed
SUMMARY: They've touched, they've kissed, and now they go further.

Held by YS McCool
NOTE: Sequel to Touched, Kissed & Explored.
SUMMARY: Warrick takes Gil to a club and a woman changes Warrick's life.

Pillar by YS McCool
NOTE: Sequel to Touched, Kissed, Explored & Held.
SUMMARY: Warrick meets his new family.

Christmas Wishes by YS McCool
NOTE: Sequel to Touched, Kissed, Explored, Held & Pillar.
SUMMARY: Warrick's new family descend on Vegas in time for Christmas.

Zacari Revere
Of Mosquitoes and Men by Zacari Revere
SUMMARY: Gil and Warrick get stuck in an elevator.