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Sara/Lady Heather
Just Another Day by lexus-grey

Power by lexus-grey
SUMMARY: Another for f_t porn battle.

Sara/Rosalie Hale (Twilight)
City of Sin by lexus-grey
SUMMARY: Sara gets her mouth washed out with soap :(

Sara's Awakening by Susie
SUMMARY: This is a side story to Kiss Me, Lab Rat. Sara sees something that starts a chain of changes in her life.

Fireworks by cjbatfan
SUMMARY: The Fourth of July sets off a very different kind of fireworks.

The Greatest Gift by Iron Eagle
SUMMARY: This Christmas Catherine was given one of the Greatest Gifts she ever received.

Me and My Seven Dwarfs by Irom Eagle
SUMMARY: Being in love with Sara is like being in love with the Seven Dwarfs.

Blind Date by Angela U.
SUMMARY: A chance encounter between Sofia and Catherine leads to a possible future.

Cold Sweat by karaokegal
SUMMARY: Written for femslash100 Challenge 106-Air.

A Fleeting Moment by angel1972
SUMMARY: Just a short angst filled drabble.

Dusty Rose by umbrello
SUMMARY: Catherine admires Sofia's fashion sense.

Catherine/Lady Heather
Learning by Doing by McKay
SUMMARY: A surprisingly gentle touch and the beginning of an education.

Untitled by McKay
SUMMARY: A little discipline and the continuation of an education. Catherine learns the importance of being submissive.

Coming Home by love_fan
SUMMARY: I just couldn't get this image out of my mind of them being together at home in the kitchen being all domestic. And let's face it both are so incredibly hot they'd set the room on fire if they were together...

Show Me the Ropes by lexus-grey
PAIRING: Catherine/Sara & Catherine/Lady Heather

Not My Slave by soo
SUMMARY: Catherine isn’t Lady Heather’s slave.

Dealing With Grief by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: A new friend helps Catherine deal with Warrick's death.

Getting To Know You by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine and Riley get to know more about each other over breakfast.

The CSI Chirstmas Party by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Riley get more than gifts at the team's annual Christmas Party.

Getting To Know You, Too by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Riley takes the time to get to know Lindsey.

New Year... New Love by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Riley is ready to tell Catherine how she feels...Does Catherine feel the same?

Musings by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine's and Riley's thoughts on their new relationship.

Intimacy Issues by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Everything is fine between Catherine and Riley...until it's time to get intimate...

The Question by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine would like to ask Riley a certain question.

Trail Period by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Riley and Catherine start their living together 'trial period'.

I've Got You Under My Skin by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Riley has a little surprise for Catherine and Lindsey.

Break Down by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine helps Riley deal with her being taken hostage.

Key To My Heart by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: It's Valentine's Day at the Willows house.

We Regret To Inform You by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine comforts a friend in mourning. (This is an AU story and takes place during World War II).

Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Riley receives a letter containing bad news.

Dear Catherine by cjacsifan
PAIRING: Riley/Catherine & Catherine/Wendy
NOTE: Takes place 6 months after the end of  'Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever' consider it a sequel.
SUMMARY: A telegram brings two people together.

Breakfast With A Friend by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine and Wendy chat during breakfast.

Dreams and Nightmares by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine wakes up from a dream only to be living a mother's worst nightmare.

Making It Offical by cjacsifan
NOTE: Sequel to 'Dreams and Nightmares'.
SUMMARY: Catherine asks Wendy if she wants to make it 'official'.

Three's A Crowd by cjacsifan
SUMMARY: Catherine and Wendy's relationship takes an unexpected turn when an ex comes to Vegas.

Staring by saras-girl
PAIRING: Catherine/Wendy (casual suggestion of Nick/Greg)
SUMMARY: Catherine can't seem to keep her eyes away from the new lab tech.

Catherine/Terri Miller
CSI Smut Tales: Chapter One: The Seduction of Catherine by Tayla
SERIES: Chapter Two: Good Clean Dirty Fun & Chapter Three: A Friend In Need
SUMMARY: Chapter One: Catherine asks Teri why things didn't work out between her and Gil and she gets an answer she didn't expect.

A Decided Lack of Equality by Michelle K.
SUMMARY: This'll be the last time.

Dirty Girls by Michelle K.
SUMMARY: Porn drabble.

This is that Old Song by Michelle K.
SUMMARY: First, second, third.

Therapy? by hen3ry
SUMMARY: She's not quite sure what this is, but she knows that she needs it more then she thinks she should.

Catherine/Rosalie Hale (Twilight)
Anal Plugs by lexus-grey
SUMMARY: Written for 50kinkyways, prompt 17 Anal Plugs.

Spanking by lexus-grey
SUMMARY: Written for 50kinkyways, prompt 03 Spanking.

Phone Sex by lexus-grey
SUMMARY: Written for 50kinkyways, prompt 23 Phone Sex.

Handcuffs by lexus-grey
SUMMARY: Written for 50kinkyways, prompt 19 Handcuffs.

Catherine/Scully (X-Files)
Nameless by little arsonist
SUMMARY: This is pre-CSI (Catherine's POV), and in the X-Files world, during Three of a Kind. Written for the crossover challenge at CSI100.

Sofia/Lady Heather
Submission by racethewind10
PAIRING: Sofia/Lady Heather, (with a hint of Sara/Sofia)
SUMMARY: Sofia meets Lady Heather.

Any Other by amazonqueenkate
SUMMARY: If they were any other people, things would be different. But Jacqui knows they're not.

Comes in Threes by amazonqueenkate
SUMMARY: Sofia Curtis notices three key differences between herself and Jacqui Franco.

Chemistry and Misery by amazonqueenkate
NOTE: 22 of 50 - the rest can be found on the gen page.
SUMMARY: This is how Sofia and Jacqui do.

Say It With A Bear by Evan Nicholas
SUMMARY: It's Valentine's, and she's going to kill Greg if it's the last thing she does.

The Amazing Spiderman by Black Angel - blackangel_life
PAIRING: Hodges/Greg, Archie/Bobby, Jacqui/Mandy
SUMMARY: Ronnie has gotten Hodges and Archie into something, will everything go as planned?

Sara/Cristal Connors(Showgirls)
Glam Undone by Harper
PAIRING: Sara Sidle/Cristal Connors with hints of Catherine/Cristal and Sara/Catherine
FANDOMS: CSI: Las Vegas/Showgirls x-over
SUMMARY: For those of you who have no clue who Cristal Connors is, or who haven't watched Showgirls, she was played by the ever-so-luscious Gina Gershon. Just imagine her as a topless dancer from those flashy Las Vegas shows, throw in a bit of an animal edge, have her come from Texas and say darlin' a lot, and you'll have a pretty accurate picture.

Sara/Sydney Bristow (Alias)
Hollowness and Treachery by automatic_badgirl
SUMMARY: Espionage inevitably leads to betrayal, unfortunately for Sara.

Teamwork by Mindwalker78
SUMMARY: CSI Las Vegas and New York join forces.

The Big Guns by Kristina K
SUMMARY: Sofia meets her match.

Convenient Convention by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: A boring convention and lots of champagne. Go figure...

Slow Burn by Michelle K.
SUMMARY: Her affair belongs to both of them now.